FanCave Arena

You’ve always dreamed of being a professional athlete, but something has caused you to settle for the next best thing – a fantasy athlete.

It’s a title to take pride in, a term of endearment. Whether you play on FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo, or your freshman year baseball coach’s gambling ring in his basement (ask our founder Joe about this story), you’ve mastered your craft.

NOW, you get home-field advantage. Welcome to the FanCave Arena.

The FanCave Arena is the home for all FanCave DFS contests, whether they be #CriminalOwnership Contests, Survival Pools, Brackets, and more. This is where your skills are on display, so let’s get started.

Check BELOW for the latest contest details….

5/1/2018 – #CRIMINALOWNERSHIP Hi/Lo Contest hosted by @kingzito973

Want to win a free month of FanCave Premium? All you have to do is snag the best #CriminalOwnership play in a pool of 10 contestants…


  • 10-person contest
  • $5 entry fee
  • Top 3 get cash prizes
  • Contestant with highest scoring player at the lowest ownership wins a free month of FanCave Premium (BATTER ONLY)*
  • BONUS: All 10 contestants are entered into random drawing to win a FREE #Criminal Ownership T-Shirt:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.30.44 PM.png

*Contest is FanDuel specific. Being that it is a (10) person contest, the lowest possible ownership percentage will be 10%. The highest scoring player at 10% (or next lowest percentage) will win. If there is a tie, winner will be determined by overall lineup total.

There are only (10) SPOTS for this contest! Have an interest? Follow the link below to reserve your spot:


Good luck!