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Off The Cuff – Wild Card Week – #Heaven

“Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body He’s 6’2″, how the fuck he fit in a new Bugatti? Aw, fuck it, you got me” Regular season is doneski!!!!!!! What a fucking season. Thank all of you who have been reading and sharing faithfully. If it weren’t for you guys and gals, I

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Off The Cuff – Week 15 – #NutShell

“The undefeated, unblemished, underrated Unfiltered, unafraid, unaffected Undaunted, unabashed, the undeniable Untouchable, unstoppable, unusual Underdog, unsurpassed, unyielding Unsupportive, fuck you and your feelings Unrelenting, unscathed, uncontrollable Unpleasant one, problem with me? Feelin’ is mutual” Week 14 was incredible. The @FanCaveDFS team had a decent week. Everybody cashed in all formats. Cheat sheets were poppin! We’re looking to keep this momentum

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