Welcome to today’s MLB FanCave Full Look, covering the main slate on Fanduel starting at 7:05 PM ET. This full look will target this 15-game slate as a whole. I will highlight my top pitchers, one for cash games and one for GPP. Followed by my top stacks, and my favorite value bats that I will be building my lineups around. Before we get to our breakdown, I want to take a minute to drop a little ad for our Discord app chat.

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Happy Friday FanCave Faithful! I’m back while I can be to give you a Full Look for the first time in a bit. MLB is still going strong in our discord and the opto has been strong, so make sure you get on board! Today we have a full 15 game slate on the dockett, and despite the disaster ravaging the east coast that is Hurricane Florence, there are no threats of weather anywhere on this slate from the early looks of it.

Before we talk about some favorable spots on the slate, I want to talk a little bit about September MLB. Playing MLB this late in the season is MUCH different than playing earlier in the season, and there are quite a few factors for this.

First and foremost, this article will likely publish before all of the lineups are out for the day. The problem with that, is that with expanded rosters and September call-up’s, veterans are likely to get more days off with promising rookies filling in randomly. You have to keep an eye on lineups and adjust until lock, and look for those gems getting spot starts. My favorite example of this right now is Nationals prospect Victor Robles. Should he find his way in the lineup tonight, he makes for a good GPP dart at $2,100.

Another common misconception in my opinion, is that September MLB on Fanduel is “easier” for some reason. The thought is that NFL is so popular, that most casual DFS’ers have moved on, and the numbers are down. While this is true, I think that makes it harder! The sharks are still swimming while the casual players drift to NFL. Truthfully, none of this matters in my opinion. Once them lineups drop find your value and your stud pitcher. Nothing changes. Just work has hard as you did before NFL started.

Top Pitchers:

Max Scherzer


Max Scherzer – Washington Nationals – $12,000

We have one clear cut, ace type cash game pitcher tonight. I tried to get cute with Masahiro Tanaka, as he has been red hot and has a plus match-up. I just realized it will be important to follow the chalk in cash games here. Scherzer is coming off of a complete game, 11 K performance against the Cubs, in which he dropped 61 FDP. However, in his two starts against tonight’s opponent Atlanta, Scherzer is averaging “just” 41.5 FDP per game.

This is one reason I flirted with Tanaka today. The other reason, is that he is also coming off of a 60+ FDP game, and  would save you $1800 in salary. I think the important think about cash games this time of year other than following the chalk, is high a floor for your pitcher. The floor on Scherzer is much higher than Tanaka. End of story.

Tournaments (GPP):

Tyler Anderson – Colorado Rockies – $6,700

Anderson has had an up-and-down season. He almost seems to be hitting that end of the season wall, as his two of his last three outings ended early in disaster. Two months ago, Anderson was one of the hottest pitchers in baseball, as he racked up monster games at home throughout late June and mid-July. Anderson will face the Giants on the road in a pitcher’s park, in what will be his fourth time facing San Fran this season. In those three starts, we have basically seen three different pitchers.

Early in the year was Anderson’s worst outing against the Giants. In that outing He surrendered 5 earned runs in 5.1 innings. He faced them again in the midst of his hot streak on the fourth of July, and threw an eight inning gem putting up 61 FDP. His third start was just under two weeks ago, and he once again went 5.1 innings, but fared a bit better this time, only allowing three earned. All in all, in the three starts, Anderson is averaging 34 FDP with a high of 61 and a low of 13 FDP. Sounds like a perfect under $7,000 GPP pitcher to me.


***Bonus Cash/GPP Play – Masahiro Tanaka – New York Yankees $10,200***


Top Stacks:


New York Yankees – (OF – Andrew McCutchen $3,400, 3B – Miguel Andujar $4,100, OF – Giancarlo Stanton $4,400, SS – Didi Gregorius $3,800)

Our top stack today, will be a nice mixture of the new look top of the order for the Bronx Bombers. The talk is that the AL rookie of the year is turning out to be Andujar, possibly winning unanimously. His average sits right on the cusp of .300, and he has hit 23 homers while driving in 79. He sits comfortably in the three-hole for the Yankees since Aaron Judge went down, and he has proven to be a tough out over the last five games. A fair price on McCutchen and Gregorius make it easy to pay up for Stanton, who is the top projected hitter on the slate according to Blue Collar DFS

Cleveland Indians – (SS – Francisco Lindor $4,400, 2B – Jose Ramirez $4,600, 3B – Josh Donaldson $3,400, OF – Brandon Guyer $2,100)

The Yankees get the love with the top run projection on the slate matching up against Marco Estrada and the Jays, but the Indians also look good. Cleveland sits in a home match-up against Matthew Boyd and the Detroit Tigers. The thing I like most about this stack is the versatilty. In my opinion, the top four listed look like the right combo, but it depends on if you are paying up for Scherzer or Tanaka. I think the two staples for me, are Donaldson for the price, and because he faces a lefty, and Lindor, because I think he is the top hitter on the slate.

Lindor is 8-for-20 in his career against Boyd, with two home runs. One other interesting stat of note, is Lindor went 0-for-4 last night. The last time he went 0-for-4 was ten days ago. He followed that up with a 4-for-5, two homer game totaling 53.6 FDP.  The interchangeable extra part to involve in the stack here, could be 1B Yandy Diaz at $2,900.


***Bonus Value Stack – Philadelphia Phillies – (2B – Cesar Hernandez $2,300, OF – Rhys Hoskins $3,600, OF – Jose Bautista $2,100, C – Wilson Ramos $2,800)***


Top Value Bats:


C – Francisco Mejia – San Diego Padres – $2,500

Well it started out with him moving up to the two spot in the lineup that really got me on board, now this kid is leading off? One of the top prospects in all of baseball, Mejia has played just seven games with the Padres, and has hit safely in every game he has started. The Padres do not look like a bad team to grab some value from today. They will face Rangers rookie right-hander Connor Sadzeck, who posted an ERA over five in AAA this season. I love the upside and the fact it seems nobody is on him.

3B – Renato Nunez – Baltimore Orioles – $2,300

If you are going to pay up for Scherzer you are going to need multiple players down here in this price range. Why not attack James Shields with some cheap Baltimore bats? The Orioles are giving some kids some solid playing time as of late, and Nunez is one of them. Playing pretty consistently for almost a month now, Nunez has accumulated a .238 average with five homers. Not rock star numbers by any means, but he could easily drive in a few runs out of the six spot in the lineup tonight and hit value. Obviously third base is pretty loaded, but if you can’t find the value in the outfield (there is plenty!) look here!

OF – Avisail Garcia – Chicago White Sox – $2,800

Staying in the Sox/Orioles game might be a good idea for some value plays. We have James Shields versus Luis Ortiz, and a game total of 9.5 runs. Garcia has kind of cooled off a bit since his offensive outburst a couple of weeks ago, but he has looked good reaching base safely in his last five starts. Garcia is one of the top value plays from Blue Collar DFS with a projection of 11.

OF – Christin Stewart – Detroit Tigers – $2,100

Our last value play was also brought to my attention from our free optimizer tool at Blue Collar DFS. Stewart has played just four games thus far for the Tigers since being called up from AAA, and he is off to a slow start going just 3-for-12. Their lineup is not confirmed as of yet, but Stewart is looking like he will hit second against Indians veteran Josh Tomlin. The 24-year-old hit 23 home runs in 122 games in AAA this season, so I am looking for that 18.7 I love to see.

Thank you for reading my FanCave Full Look for today’s MLB DFS main slate on Fanduel! Come join me and our patrons and other experts in our discord chat NOW to get last minute updates! If you’re interested in unlocking all of the premium features FanCave has to offer, head to our Patreon page HERE and start cashing out!








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