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Ladies and gents, hello. It’s your mans right here, there and everywhere…Johnny Espizito. Locked, loaded and ready to kill Week 2 NFL DFS with you. Yes, you’re officially an accessory to murder now, welcome to the dark side. I promise it’s not as bad as people want to make it. There’s perks…including Dunkaroos and Pop Rocks.

Let’s go over some spots that are just, #TooSweet to pass up.

By now, you should have read my football 101 articles about the basics, that give you an edges in DFS. Over here on the #OffTheCuff side of things…I don’t give a double dipped shit biscuit about YOUR numbers. The eye test is key. Knowing where and how to look so you can use intangibles to your advantage. That’s wtf I do.
1st up…


Week 2, you have to remember, new pieces have been added, new coaches brought in, new systems implemented and injuries from week 1 have to be considered. So things will be a little shaky, yet steady. What you can rely on, is teams that play together on that line. This week there are a few spots that should help you lock in your QB and RB.

Best O-Lines so far – Jacksoville, Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Chargers (I say this loooooaely with the chargers lol)

QB Pool – Bortles, Brees, Foles, Goff, Rivers, Cousins

RB pool – Fournette, Kamara, Gurley, Cook/Murray, Gordon/Ekeler

Pretty good spots, Lot of super weak match-ups. With the proper O-Line in place, your QB and RB eat. So, as far WRs go, I’m looking over here:

* Idk why…but this feels like a good week to rely on slot WRs. Lot of injuries to LB cores open those slots right up.

WR Pool – C. Kupp, C. Ridley. K.Cole, , M.Thomas, C. Meredith, A.Thielen, N.Agholor, K. Allen

* Of coure AB and JuJu are solid targets as well.

Little bit of chalk and low owned gold.

TEs are good for 2 things really, extra blocking and Red Zone targets in a passing situation.

TE POOL – Z.Ertz, J.Graham, G. Swaim, ASJ, T.Kelce

Defense…all too important. With all the value floating around, no matter the lineup construction, you should be able to squeeze in a top defense.

Defense pool – Jags, Saints, Eagles, Bears, Falcons

And that, pretty much does it for me for week 2. Per usual, I’m reachable via the twitter machine @KingZito973, feel free to hit me up for any all questions.

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Happy Hunting.


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