#CFB #DFS is back! What’s the impact?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl’s, children of all ages….

The time has come. We’ve been patiently waiting. But, the DFS Gods have blessed us with one of the greatest gifts, maybe ever.

College Football DFS is back! I, for one am beyond excited. NFL, has by far been my favorite. But, in a cloooooooooose 2nd is CFB. If you were around to play it before it got banned, you know just how great it is.

Now, idk why they opted to bring it back. I really don’t give a shit, I know some states are still banned. But, the impact of this is huuuuuge.

Not just for content providers like us over at @FanCaveDFS. But for you, the consumer. CFB is waaaay easier than NFL. The variance is considerably lower. CFB is stars heavy, not so much stars and scrubs.

Considering it’s exclusive to DK at the moment, CFB…PPR format? Sign me the fuck up! I’m dudting off my DK account to get busy again! I suggest, you do the same!

Be on the lookout for cfb content from the @FanCaveDFS family! Go premium for $5 or $10 to get you access to EVERYTHING..that’s it!

I’m out.



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