What’s good my people?!? Taking a little break from day to day lineup help to focus and bring you NFL content that nobody or very few people will bring you.

Before, I took it back to Football 101. Talked about how the basics of football can help you in DFS. Like, why O-Lines matter when selecting your RBs. Why weak O-Lines are prime targets when selecting your defenses. Why O-Lines mater when selecting QBs and WRs. Shit, that matters more than the numbers, the masses tell you to live and die by.

This time around, I’m highlighting the WR vs CB match-up.
What about it? Height, and why it’s just as important as speed.
See, mostly folks look at the performance of the CB vs the skill or what they know about the opposing WR. Nothing really wrong with that. But, to truly take advantage of a match-up, you must break down just that. For me, it’s 2nd nature. I’m a defense minded guy. Played and thrived on defense, because of my talent to read the offense. The @FanCaveDFS subscribers from last year know this well, I was calling out what the offense was doing before they did anything.

But I digress.

When selecting your WRs…look at the opposing et of CBs. Are they taller than your WR? It matters for obvious reasons. If he is taller, he can disrupt wwaaaaaaay easier, IF he can hang speed wise. That makes for a poor match-up and should get you off of said WR.
Is the CB shorter? This obviously favors your WR. Better probability of clean catches, staying is stride and more yards after the catch. SLIGHT downside as far as the CB goes also. Smaller CBs can get up under you and block your hands, causing the WR to be distracted. But, for me the upside f the WR vs a shorter CB is pretty much a lock for me.

Don’t be afraid to do this extra little bit of research. It goes a long way.
Great route runner? Physical WR? If your WR is a good route runner, that means he knows how to get the CBs off of him and he knows how to finish. Not all CBs can can trace routes well.

Of course it matters if the D in Man or Zone coverage…but the one thing folks must remember. The WR vs CB battle is ALWAYS 1 0n 1…at first. Plus add in the fact that most CBs do not like to get physical. So …if you have a WR who likes to mix it up…vs a “soft CB” … LOCK button on that WR.
Simple as that.

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