OFF THE CUFF – #CHALKnPLUGS via @KingZito973

What’s shakin’ my people?!?! Been a tad busy lately, so my apologies.

Today , I’m switching the format up just a little bit. I’m going to give you the plays most will forget about, as well as some chalk to flavor your pot of lineups!

1st up…

Robbie Ray at pitcher. Let’s face it…Tonight either you run Mad Max or roll the dice. Ray is in a pretty solid apot against the Padres. They K a ton and Ray is a sold pitcher. I do see a couple…yes 2 trouple spots though. That leads me to my first plug…

Christian Villanueva – Villy vs LHPs is something we preach to our subs. Why? He mashes the living shit out of them. The numbers support the play and Ray…WILL give up some runs. So if you run Ray in your line, you can leverage the game by using Villy. When he goes yard, 15 FDPs arw better than 0. Whilw I’m on the rople of LHP mashers, that beings me to my 2nd plug…

Hunter Renfroe – Yet another dude who mashes LHPs. He’s constantly forgotten so this will definitely be #CriminalOwnership worthy.

JD Martinez – Chalkity Chalk bomb. But, my guy is killllllling the ball. Dude is as close to automatic as you can get right now. Plug him in and forget about it.

Arizona LHBs are my stack of plugs tonight. Hopefully they don’t troll the shit out of us like they love to do.

Give me Lamb, Peralta and Marte.

1 off plugs for the night are…

Mark Reynolds and Max Muncy. Yea yea yea, I know…Muncy burned us last night. But in DFS, you have to have that QB mentality. Short term memory!

That’s it for tonight though people. Let’s go out and slay the slate!


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