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“Gun professor, I’ll punch whoever
Come here lookin’ like Conor McGregor
Leave this bitch lookin’ like Uncle Fester
Question, are we bitter rivals?
‘Cause we can shoot the Ks or the fade
‘Til both of our arms get vitiligo” – Royce Da 5’9″

Absolutely love this slate! Let’s build some fuego!

Let’s go to work!

The guy who keeps the opposing team OFF THE BOARD. Picking a pitcher is like nailing Defense in NFL. It’s important. So don’t get cute. Also…when picking your pitcher, factor in, WHO IS CATCHING aka GAME CALLING/GAME MANAGING for your pitcher. The wrong call there, can spell gloom and fucking doom for your pitcher.  There are plenty of bats value wise to spice up your GPPs. I’m looking at…

P – Luis Serevino– ($10,600) – Phillies K way too much, not to have shares of Serevino. I double love this spot if Romine catches. Gotta remember, he is one of the best game managers in the league.

The Format:

FanDuel got cute and wanted to give us the option for more points…I guess. I’ll personally be rolling out catchers in these spots. Give me alllllllllllllll the #CriminalOwnership!!

C/1B – Alex Avila – ($2,200) – Arizona LHBs are all the way in play again today. Hopefully they don’t troll the shit out of us lol.


I also like Kurt Suzuki ($2,800) from Atlanta today.

He hits Matt Harvey well. While I’ll be on the ATL LHBs, Suzuki will be one of the lower owned dudes who take a chunk out of Harvey.  

2B – Daniel Descalso– ($2,900) – BACK TO THE WELL…Arizona LHBs as I said above, are a hot spot for me today. I also like Ozzie Albies (for obvious BvP reasons) and Brian Dozier (Reynaldo is a gas can, Minny should chip them up).

3B – Jake Lamb – ($3,400) – you know the fucking drill…lol. I also like the Lefty Goat, Nolan Arenado( dude is a lock vs LHPs…plus it gives you late exposure).

SS – JT Riddle- ($2,200) – Hot and Cold…yes I agree. But…these Miami LHBs keep putting in work. Riddle is one of favorites for value. I think he puts up 15-20 fdps tonight.

OF – Chris Young– ($2,200)  – Revenge narrative, good vs LHPs, quietly been doing good and another value target. Simple. If you want to pay up for somebody on the same team that’s good vs LHP…go Justin Upton ($4,000).

OF – Michael Conforto– ($2,900) – Kuhl is an absolute gas gan vs LHB. Look what Arizona did to him as a reference. Now…I know the Mets LHBs are not as potent as Arizona. But…my gut is telling me to load up the orange and blue sky. If Nimmo plays…lock him in as well as Cabby.

OF – JD Martinez – ($4,800)  – JD vs a Lefty…you know the drill already. Lock box!

Utility – Jarrod Dyson  – ($2,300) – another slept on Arizona LHB. Great value for tonight
Also…don’t sleep on Mitch Moreland from my beloved Red Sox. He’s quietly one of our best options vs LHP. Don’t let the L on L matchup scare you off!

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!
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