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“Gun professor, I’ll punch whoever
Come here lookin’ like Conor McGregor
Leave this bitch lookin’ like Uncle Fester
Question, are we bitter rivals?
‘Cause we can shoot the Ks or the fade
‘Til both of our arms get vitiligo” – Royce Da 5’9″

Absolutely love this slate! Let’s build some fuego!

Let’s go to work!


The guy who keeps the opposing team OFF THE BOARD. Picking a pitcher is like nailing Defense in NFL. It’s important. So don’t get cute. Also…when picking your pitcher, factor in, WHO IS CATCHING aka GAME CALLING/GAME MANAGING for your pitcher. The wrong call there, can spell gloom and fucking doom for your pitcher.  There are plenty of bats value wise to spice up your GPPs. I’m looking at…


P – Jaime Garcia – ($6,100) – Braves struggle against LHPs. With a ton of L on L matchups, this could bode well for Garcia. Everybody will be going the stud route, so for a GPP…I love Garcia. Definitely dial him up for some #CriminalOwnership.

The Format:

 FanDuel got cute and wanted to give us the option for more points…I guess. I’ll personally be rolling out catchers in these spots. Give me alllllllllllllll the #CriminalOwnership!!

C/1B – Ryon Healy – ($3,200) –LOADED at this position tonight. Lot of great spots. I’m looking for SEA to chip up the Yankees today. German gives it up RHBs the most, so let me get some of this exposure.

2B – Asdrubal Cabrera – ($3,300) – BACK TO THE WELL… Feel like you can’t fade the Coors exposure. I’m a switch hitter guy, ya’ll know this already. Love the right side of the plate tonight for the Mets. Frazier and Cabby should eat. Don’t sleep on that late game Nimmo dinger either lol.

3B – Jeimer Candelario – ($3,200) – Sal Romano is a fucking gas can. Simple. I know his groundball shit is on point, so that makes this play risky. He’s got 9 dingers off of RHBs though. So I think, I might roll the dice.

SS – Adalberto Mondesi – ($2,000) -My contest play from yesterday. He produced a little bit for 2k. I like him again today. Gives you salary relief and a value (damn near) lock.

Edit: Since he’s not starting, I’m going with…

JP Crawford – ($2,200) – Luke weaver…another gas can who gets hit hard by LHBs. Highly doubt anybody will be on Crawford lol.

OF – Khris Davis – ($4,200)  Krush has been seeing and hitting the ball very well. I’m loving it. While everybody continues to sleep on the A’s, they’re slowly putting it together. Eric Lauer gives it up to RHBs. So, fuck that K rate BS, dollars to donuts, the RHBs go off tonight.

OF – Mitch Haniger – ($3,900) – As I said above, I’m looking for SEA to chip up the Yankees tonight. If they’re going to get it done, it’ll be by Healy and Haniger’s bat. Maybe even my guy Zunino who bats 8th today.

OF – Giancarlo Stanton – ($4,400) –My last Stanton call worked a tad. Today…he gets a LHP. Obviously, he does well against them. So why the hell not, get that exposure.

Utility – Marcell Ozuna – ($4,000)  Yes Sir…Back to the well. Whatever was broken , seems to be fixed in Ozuna. He’s been killllling it. Plus, he absolutely slays the Phillies in Philly. Grant it, he didn’t do shit yesterday lol…But sometimes, DFS is a game of patience. I think he gets it back tonight.

Notable BvP I Like

Freddie Freeman/Brian Dozier/Andrew McCutchen

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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