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“Gun professor, I’ll punch whoever
Come here lookin’ like Conor McGregor
Leave this bitch lookin’ like Uncle Fester
Question, are we bitter rivals?
‘Cause we can shoot the Ks or the fade
‘Til both of our arms get vitiligo” – Royce Da 5’9″

Absolutely love this slate! Let’s build some fuego!

Let’s go to work!


The guy who keeps the opposing team OFF THE BOARD. Picking a pitcher is like nailing Defense in NFL. It’s important. So don’t get cute. Also…when picking your pitcher, factor in, WHO IS CATCHING aka GAME CALLING/GAME MANAGING for your pitcher. The wrong call there, can spell gloom and fucking doom for your pitcher. There are plenty of bats value wise to spice up your GPPs. I’m looking at…

Screenshot 2018 06 11 01 28 39 1
P – Steven Wright – ($6,200) – Baltimore K’s at a reasonable rate, and I like this spot A LOT. I have SUCH a love for Knuckleballers. I think Wright is a fucking STEAL at this price. Few can hit knucklers. So lock and load!

The Format:

FanDuel got cute and wanted to give us the option for more points…I guess. I’ll personally be rolling out catchers in these spots. Give me alllllllllllllll the #CriminalOwnership!!

Screenshot 2018 06 11 01 28 46 1

C/1B – Yonder Alonso – ($3,400) – Why? Giolito LOVES giving it up to LHBs. Alonso is going to be one of the main guns tonight that rock Gio!

Screenshot 2018 06 11 02 11 18 1

2B – Jonathan Villar – ($2,500) – Gut call. Quintana just isn’t right and has been a gas can lately.

Screenshot 2018 06 11 01 28 56 1

3B – Jose Ramirez – ($5,000) As I said above about Gio…He loves giving it up to LHBs. J-Ram has been white hot, 0 need to fade the obvious Indians stack of LHBs.

Screenshot 2018 06 11 01 29 02 1

SS – Francisco Lindor – ($4,400) – Ok, by now you get the jist lol. Cleveland stack to the Gods. Yes, I know Lindor K’s a lot while hitting lefty, but…he also has also done DAMAGE. Use at your own risk. I just feel like the onslaught will rattle Gio to the point he starts throwing watermelons EARLY….and Cleveland will tag that ass.

Screenshot 2018 06 11 01 29 08 1

OF – Randal Grichuk – ($2,500) The King is back! He’s been on a tear since coming off the DL. He’s in yet another good spot that we should take advantage of. Lock and Load.

Screenshot 2018 06 11 02 58 45 1

OF – Tommy Pham – ($3,500) –Gut call baby! I know he’s been hot and cold. But, I think he ROCKS Lyles tonight. Why? Lyles is a gas can, and throws a ton of hangers.

Screenshot 2018 06 11 01 29 25 1

OF – JD Martinez ($4,700) –Another Gut call. Fandom aside…JD has been slaughtering the ball against RHPs. I think he goes yard twice against a regression prone Bundy.

Screenshot 2018 06 11 01 29 37 1

Utility – Mike Zunino– ($2,500) – Why? AGAIN…Zunino is low key the plug today, on the Mariners squad. His upside is always in play. Especially in walk off situations lol.

Notable BvP I Like

Starlin Castro/Evan Longoria/Tim Anderson/Jonathan Schoop

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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