MLB DRAFT Dissection 5/30/18 ( Rankings and Strategy for Today’s Slate

Welcome to the DRAFT Dissection from FanCave, which will feature rankings and strategy for today’s slate. Following the rankings will be a rundown of how I see today’s drafts shaping up. Included there will be my general strategy of how I will be drafting. We will essentially dissect the slate, and figure how we want our teams to look.

Tonight we have a 10-game slate, so let’s jump right in to the rankings.


My rankings are pretty easy to follow. I have ranked the top 30 overall. We will go six deep at pitcher, and twelve deep at IF and OF. The main reason for this is that I play mostly six-man drafts, and do my personal rankings this way. Rankings will be broken down into positions, and following each players name will be their overall ranking in parenthesis.



1. Max Scherzer – Washington Nationals – (1)

2. James Paxton – Seattle Mariners – (2)

3. Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels – (5)

4. Ross Stripling – Los Angeles Dodgers – (21)

5. Sean Manaea – Oakland Athletics – (25)

6. Julio Teheran – Atlanta Braves – (26) 



Nolan Arenado

1. Nolan Arenado – Colorado Rockies – (3)

2. Trevor Story – Colorado Rockies – (4)

3. Ozzie Albies – Atlanta Braves – (9)

4. Trea Turner – Washington Nationals – (10)

5. Brandon Belt – San Francisco Giants – (12)

6. Ian Desmond – Colorado Rockies – (13)

7. Matt Adams – Washington Nationals – (15)

8. Freddie Freeman – Atlanta Braves – (18)

9. Nelson Cruz – Seattle Mariners – (19)

10 .Anthony Rizzo  – Chicago Cubs – (22)

11. Kris Bryant  – Chicago Cubs – (24)

12. Brandon Crawford – San Francisco Giants – (30)



Mike Trout

1. Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels – (6)

2. Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals – (7)

3. Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies – (8)

4. Justin Upton – Los Angeles Angels – (11)

5. Andrew McCutchen – San Francisco Giants – (14)

6. Noel Cuevas – Colorado Rockies – (16)

7. Eddie Rosario – Minnesota Twins – (17)

8. Mitch Haniger – Seattle Mariners – (20)

9. Kyle Schwarber – Chicago Cubs – (23)

10. Austin Meadows – Pittsburgh Pirates – (27)

11. Juan Soto – Washington Nationals – (28)

12. Cody Bellinger – Los Angeles Dodgers – (29)



We will always start with pitching here when it comes to strategy. For me, pitching shapes how I want to attack my drafts. Tonight, it looks as though I am really comfortable with the top three, but not so much with the bottom three. I love Nolan Arenado tonight along with everyone else, but a dominant pitcher who also has a safe floor, is always the right play.

After much consideration, Max Scherzer and James Paxton are one and two for me. If I should have a late first round pick my hope will be for Story, and my third overall pitcher in Shohei Ohtani, who faces the Detroit Tigers. Ohtani is in a tremendous K upside spot, and I expect double-digits if the weather holds up. If I miss on these three pitchers I will likely wait until the end. Sean Manaea is a big favorite at home against the Rays, and can easily be had in the fourth and fifth rounds. I do not mind him as a fall back option if I have landed some great bats.

My top hitting targets today are the Rockies and Nationals. Colorado faces San Francisco Giants veteran lefty Derek Holland, and I expect Arenado and Trevor Story to rake. I also have been drafting rookie Noel Cuevas quite a bit, as I expect him to hit second tonight. If I land Bryce Harper in the first round or at the wrap-around, I will likely try to pair him with Matt Adams or Trea Turner, then finish it with rookie phenom Juan Soto, who is going unnoticed with a 0.4 projection.

I am not necessarily stacking that much today, as there are a bunch of one-off’s that I really like, and can pretty much be drafted right in the middle. I will likely do one two-man mini stack, and two one-off’s in the majority of my drafts. The low projected Cubs stick out for me the most. Rizzo has been on a tear, and can easily be paired with Schwarber in the third and fourth rounds.

Ozzie Albies, Austin Meadows, Eddie Rosario, and Brandon Belt are looking to be my favorite one-off’s, after dissecting my drafts up to this point. My favorites that nobody else are drafting though, are Nelson Cruz and Mitch Haniger, who face lefty Matt Moore at home.


You should be all set for DRAFT. Go set your pre-draft rankings and dig in. Good luck in all your MLB DFS contests today! If you have any questions I can be found on Twitter at

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