FanCave Favorites Recap for (MLB) 5/22/18: A Review Of Yesterday’s Top Plays 5/21/18

Welcome to the very first FanCave Favorites Recap article. In this piece we will recap yesterday’s picks from FanCave Favorites I am a mostly cash and single to small entry GPP player. If I max anything it will be the 3-max $4K MLB Sac Fly, so my ownership percentages are based on that tournament, which had 4,761 entries.


Jose Berrios – He was my top overall pitcher yesterday and did not disappoint. Keeping his pitch count down, he was able to pitch into the eighth inning. This turned out to be a big advantage, as the Twins were finally able to grab the lead in the bottom of the eighth, and get Berrios the win. He also struck out nine, and ended up with a very nice 55 FDP for his $8,400 price tag. He was pretty popular at 25% owned.

Mike Foltynewicz – I have to admit he was a good find and in the correct spot, but Pivetta outpitched him, and the Braves had no answers on offense. He was under 5% owned, so the big game would have been nice, but he only managed 34 FDP. He threw six strong innings earning a quality start giving up three runs while striking out five.


New York Yankees – I ended up basically writing up five guys here, and I used all five. My huge error on the day was NOT playing Neil Walker in cash, and deciding to pay up for my top one-off Freddie Freeman. I had Walker in my other two lineups, and he paid off huge at $2,200. He doubled and homered, putting up 31.4 FDP at only 8.9%. I called his first homer of the year by the way……


The rest of the Yankees discussed yesterday were all chalk pretty much, as they all exceeded 20% in ownership. They all produced as well aside from Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton only managed 6.5 FDP and likely killed a bunch of lineups. Those that faded him, and went Walker, Aaron Judge (27.9 FDP), Aaron Hicks (25.2 FDP), and Brett Gardner (21.2 FDP) scored over 100 FDP on that top stack alone.

Minnesota Twins – As lock approached, I slowly got away from my Twins stacks. I realized I wanted no part of Byron Buxton batting ninth, when red-hot young Cardinals OF Tyler O’Neill was a much better option, having homered in consecutive games. Well O’Neill did it again, and in very chalky fashion for cash games, so it was a great swap.

I did keep some Twins, and had a mini-stack of Max Kepler, Eduardo Escobar, and Brian Dozier. It wasn’t great but the percentages were right on Escobar and Kepler. Dozier was quite chalky all around, sporting 27.3% ownership in my GPP, and only managing 9.2 FDP. He was nearly 50% owned in cash, and I decided to pay down for Starlin Castro who went for 18 FDP. While it was a good move, it still wasn’t enough for me. I kept Dozier in the two other GPP lines, but still put up much higher scores in those.

Talking about this stack and how I ultimately moved off of it for the most part by lock brings up a great point and something I should talk about before we go any further. The free FanCave articles like this one are fantastic, but sometimes they are published before we fully know which way we are going. If you want to keep up with our analysts minds and ask us any questions up to lock, or at any point of the day for that matter you can. Become a Patron with us here and join our chat in the Discord app. I likely would have passed on O’Neill if it wasn’t for the in-depth look by our MLB director


Freddie Freeman – Certainly a fail, as I forced him in my cash lineup. I thought he was the safest non-Yankee of the day and that was an L for me for sure. He only managed 9 FDP and had to steal a base to do so. Worst part about it is I was pretty much the only person on him in cash games, and he was only 5.1% in my GPP.

Manny Machado – Also played in both of my GPP lineups, Machado performed well, and was surprisingly way higher owned that I thought he would be. He went deep, and totaled 21.7 FDP at 26.5%

Joc Pederson – Another fail in my cash lineup. Worst part is that I am not even a fan. Pederson is streaky though, and was worth the shot at $2,600 leading off. He was 7.6% owned and put up a big fat 0.

Miguel Rojas – He seemed like a better punt in cash than Neil Walker for some reason to me as lock approached, even though I was pretty much all in on Walker for GPP. It was more about Machado v. Freeman, and I chose wrongly with Freeman, which meant I had to go Rojas. Rojas was 9.9% owned and managed just 6 FDP.

My Lineups:

To briefly summarize yesterday, here is my cash line. It was a weird day for sure, as the cash lines were super high. I was able to min-cash my GPP with my cash line despite not cashing in my 100 man 50/50s.



Certainly a decent score, but not good enough for cash. The mistakes are clear in Stanton and Freeman.

I’ll wrap this up with my other two GPP lines. First, here was my Foltynewicz lineup.


Joc Pederson disaster here, and if I would have went 100% Berrios instead of playing Folty here, this one scores almost 215. I never complain when in the green though, just dwell on what could have been.

My last GPP lineup was also a Pederson disaster, but a 200 point lineup is still a good feeling. This squad also had the fairly low scoring Twins stack, but still turned out to be the best one.



I hope you enjoyed us trying something different here, and trying to express our transparency. If you are on the fence about joining our chat or have questions, please send us a message. FanCave Favorites will be back again today so keep an eye out for that! Thanks for reading!


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