FanCave Savage (GPP) Core 4: 5/15/18

Whats up every one!? Huge slate today but I’m going to put some numbers up for the guys i think will be low owned and have a high ceiling possibility. So here is my first Savage Play of the day…Zack Grienke (P) MIL @ ARI [FD: $9,500/ DK: $11,800]

Zack has been no less than amazing at home this season and that is why he is my top option at the pitch spot. He is giving up only a 1.72 ERA at home in over 30 innings. But, check this out… Right handed batters that face him are only hitting a .177 batting average and Left handed batters are only hitting .191. These stats are only his home numbers but that is why I am playing him. He is at home and facing a very bad opposing pitcher which the dbacks should smash so I would be very surprised if Grienke doesn’t come away with the win tonight. I see him getting at least 8 Ks tonight, no more than 1 ER and 7 innings pitched.

Wilmer Flores (1B) TOR @ NYM [FD: $2,600/ DK: $3,000]

This is my #1 top HOMERUN call of the day. Wilmer “Batting clean up for $3k and under that can smash lefties at home in his career and WILL hit a HR tonight at home vs a BAD lefty in good hitting conditions” Flores.  I don’t think that’s really his nickname but i hope it catches on after today HAHA. Wilmer has not been so hot this season. Especially vs lefties. But he is known to hit them well and tonight I think is the night he goes circa 2016 on us and hits a few HRs. He is already 4-12 with 2 HRs against Jaime Garcia. Garcia is definitely past the peak of his career and even as a veteran pitcher makes big mistakes. particularly up in the zone mistakes that go over 400 ft LOL. Right handed batters are hitting .276 against him with a .510 SLG and .385 wOBA. Lock and Load NYM righties with Wilmer being the main focus next to Asdrubal Cabrera.

Matt Kemp (OF) LOS @ MIA [FD: $3,400/ DK $3,900]

Matt Kemp the veteran Lefty Killer is facing a bad lefty pitcher tonight who in just over 12 innings pitched as given up 6 Home Runs four of them being to right handed batters. Kemp on the year is batting .366 vs left handed pitching and has been even better on the road hitting over .400 and hes batting clean up tonight. LOCK AND LOAD MY FRIENDS.

Matt Duffy (3B) TAM @ KAN [FD: $3,100/ $3,200]

Mr. Dufferton is hitting at over a .320 clip right now hes had 12 hits in his last 27 at bats in 7 games. Thats over a .444 batting average and one of those hits was a HR. Duffy is hitting .363 on the year vs right handed pitching and both home runs he has hit have been on the road. Hes hitting clean up tonight vs a Home Run prone Ian Kennedy. Notice a trend I’m setting here? All the batters I have chosen so far are in the clean up spot. You can definitely get cute and add some mini stacks to the batters ahead of them so when they do hit big they will get RBIs as well.

These players reflect my favorite GPP stacks tonight in the NYM, LOS (righties), TAM 

Good luck everyone end give us a shout out if we helped you on the way to the top!

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