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The day is finally here, the start of the long awaited and highly anticipated Western Conference Finals. In what some consider to be their own version of the Finals, one thing is for sure: this series will be a good one. While there are many factors that’ll determine the outcome of this series, the Rockets do have someone who will be of significant importance, if they hope to come out of this ‘war’ alive – Eric Gordon.

During Houston’s 10 games played in this year’s playoffs, Eric Gordon hasn’t played like he did in the regular season, which is to be expected, but he can play better.

As shown, Gordon has struggled to shoot the ball throughout the team’s two playoff series, which has subsequently dipped his production in the scoring department.

However, if he can get himself in a rhythm, starting at home with a matchup versus the Warriors, that as advertised will deliver the pace, he could be a big contributor.

It’s no secret that Golden State will always have, at least, one of their four All-Stars on the court at all times, as the Rockets will, obviously, match with their own superstars. But if Gordon can relieve some of the pressure when only one of Chris Paul or James Harden are on the court, they’ll be well equipped for those inevitable Warrior runs.

That may seem like a large task, to be “well equipped,” because it is and on the other end, scoring on them isn’t as easy as it may have looked during the regular season:

Houston will undoubtedly blow that 28.4 three-pointers attempted mark sky high, as they could easily put up 40+ a game and if so, Eric Gordon will have his hand in it.

One thing to look for is, how Golden State chooses to start the game, whether they plan to continue with the death lineup, or play it safe and cover for height, could slightly shift the amount minutes that’ll be afforded to Gordon over the span of this series.

Western Conference Finals • Game 1 – Tonight at 9PM ET

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