MLB DRAFT Dissection 5/10/18 ( Rankings and Strategy for Today’s Slate

Welcome to the first of hopefully many articles from me here at FanCave. The DRAFT Dissection will feature rankings and strategy for today’s slate. Following the rankings will be a quick rundown of how I see today’s drafts shaping up. Included there will be my exact strategy of how I will be drafting. We will essentially “dissect” the slate, and figure how we want our teams to look.

I should introduce myself. My name is Chris Aliperto and I have come over from Forward Mile, where I was writing NBA and MLB articles for Fantasy Draft and DRAFT. The early plan here for me will be to continue to talk about DRAFT, and also contribute to FanDuel as well. You will find me on Fantasy Draft, DRAFT, and FanDuel as “JuanBond.” Before I get to any rankings or any strategy, I need to thank Joe for this opportunity to write for FanCave. Also Thank You to Nick and everyone at Forward Mile for getting me started! Let’s move forward shall we?


My rankings are pretty easy to follow. I have ranked the top 30 overall. We will go six deep at pitcher, and twelve deep at IF and OF. The main reason for this is that I play mostly six-man drafts, and do my personal rankings this way. Rankings will be broken down into positions, and following each players name will be their overall ranking in parenthesis.



1. Zack Greinke – Arizona Diamondbacks – (20)

2. JA Happ – Toronto Blue Jays – (21)

3. Garrett Richards – Los Angeles Angels – (22)

4. Walker Buehler – Los Angeles Dodgers – (23)

5. Miles Mikolas – St. Louis Cardinals – (26)

6. Tanner Roark – Washington Nationals – (27)

Sometimes it’s the little things in life… Such as seeing Richards drafted at 1.5 or 1.6 over and over today so far. Don’t take a pitcher today until the last round. So much goodness in bats today and mediocrity on the hill. We will certainly touch on this more in the strategy part of the article following these rankings. But for now, let’s move on to the infield rankings.


Nolan Arenado

1. Nolan Arenado – Colorado Rockies – (5)

2. Travis Shaw – Milwaukee Brewers – (6)

3. JD Martinez – Boston Red Sox – (8)

4. Trevor Story – Colorado Rockies – (9)

5. Giancarlo Stanton – New York Yankees – (12)

6. Mike Moustakas – Kansas City Royals – (14)

7. Freddie Freeman – Atlanta Braves – (15)

8. Ryan Braun – Milwaukee Brewers – (17)

9. Ozzie Albies – Atlanta Braves – (18)

10. Nelson Cruz – Seattle Mariners – (24)

11. Gary Sanchez – New York Yankees – (25)

12. DJ LeMahieu – Colorado Rockies – (30)

Very good selection of infielders to choose from today for a nine-game slate. Great stack options at Coors in the Brewers and Rockies are the highlight and top target for me. I also like Martinez and Mookie Betts today against Yankees lefty CC Sabathia. A good late round two man stack today could lie in Albies and Ronald Acuna, who face Marlins lefty phenom Caleb Smith. While a few strikeouts should still be there for Smith, I see the inevitable regression starting as soon as tonight.


Mike Trout

1. Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies – (1)

2. Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals – (2)

3. Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels – (3)

4. Christian Yelich – Milwaukee Brewers – (4)

5. David Dahl – Colorado Rockies – (7)

6. Mookie Betts – Boston Red Sox – (10)

7. Carlos Gonzalez – Colorado Rockies – (11)

8. Aaron Judge – New York Yankees – (13)

9. Lorenzo Cain – Milwaukee Brewers – (16)

10. Ronald Acuna – Atlanta Braves – (19)

11. Jorge Soler – Kansas City Royals – (28)

12. Tommy Pham – St. Louis Cardinals – (29)

I talked above about stacking up Coors tonight, and my favorite stack today if I can somehow land it is Blackmon and Dahl. Trout finally looks to be in a great spot as well, and will clearly be a first rounder. He will face Twins ace Jose Berrios, who has struggled as of late. Berrios has not looked comfortable at all his last couple starts, and now faces an Angels team whose bats just came alive in Colorado earlier in the week. After a look at the rankings, let’s quickly break down how drafts are shaping up.


We will always start with pitching here when it comes to strategy. For me, pitching shapes how I want to attack my drafts. Today is a great example as we do not have any clear cut aces in action worthy of a first round pick. In fact, I cannot justify even taking a guy I like early, just to make sure I get him. I am seeing Garrett Richards go way too early, and JA Happ seems to be the second favorite. Zack Greinke faces a cold Nationals team at home where he has been solid. He has fallen to me in the last round about 40% of the time in my drafts so far in my early drafts. If I can’t land him, I am happy with Buehler or Mikolas. My last resort which obviously you can decipher in my rankings, is Tanner Roark. Roark has had a couple good starts in a row, and struck out eleven last time he pitched in Arizona in July of last year. He could be sneaky good today, and I am playing him on other sites.

Stacking up hitters on DRAFT is very popular, and a few of the high volume players tend to go with almost 4-man stacks exclusively. On big slates, it can be easy to pick a team that nobody is on and stack them up. I do it a little differently. I like to go two and two or three man’s when stacking, but I tend to completely ignore it for the most part. Making a list of five or six guys that you think will hit a home run and targeting them, instead of worrying about if anybody will draft your guys, is an easier go. Nelson Cruz is a great example of this today. He doesn’t really have a stack partner, but is a great one-off today facing lefty JA Happ in Toronto.

Normally if there is an exact strategy like OF-IF-IF-OF-P I will go over it, but today it doesn’t matter. I like players at the tops and bottoms of my rankings for position players, so I will likely continue to draft them as they fall. Rockies, Brewers, Red Sox, Yankees and Braves seem to be the theme, with some others sprinkled in here and there.

You should be all set for DRAFT. Go set your pre-draft rankings and dig in. Good luck in all your MLB DFS contests today! If you have any questions I can be found on Twitter at







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