Stack’em Up! 5/7/2018 by CubbableHoosier

Stacks are essential to most DFS players success during MLB season. This article will highlight some promising stacks in prime spots to go off. I am currently using mostly 2017-18 stats until stats get settled out. I will never write up Coors Field as it is a known hot bed for stacking. Stack’em up, Sheet Squad!

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Favorite Stacks

New York Mets/Cincinnati Reds (Cash)

This game will decided the slate a ton tonight to me. I think both sides will take on ownership because it is Homer Bailey and a rookie pitcher (P.J. Conlon). Here is my take on it, and I am a mostly fade. No stacking here, piece or two max in a line if any.

Bailey has figured out how not constantly be a complete turd and get blown up (yes, they always lurks) but the Mets have been atrocious this recently. The Rockies just swept them and SPs shut them, with 20 IPs, 4 ERs, 20 Ks. I am not saying Bailey is great, because I am not using him but I can see Mets getting 3-4 runs here and busting chalk plays. Frazier and Bruce the worrisome bats to me or one offs to use.

On the other side, with Conlon, He might be a ‘get us 4-5 Innings or 80-85 PC and not blow up’ guy. With that said, you will probably see some Gsellman or Lugo for a few innings and if they have lead strong pen arms. Just not something I am overly high on because hitters could see 1, maybe 2 Abs if lucky. If I went to anyone for Reds it would be Suarez, Votto, or Duvall and for Mets would be Frazier, Bruce or Conforto. I will say this again…I WILL NOT BE STACKING THESE TEAMS.

Conclusion: Fade stacking these guys, look at the good one offs I mentioned if you want any exposure.

San Francisco Giants (Cash/GPP)

The Giants are my top stack tonight. I have been on them all weekend and vs Zach Eflin, I will ride with them for one more day. Eflin is just terrible! Both sides of the plate shred him, he misses very few bats, low K rate guy and gets hit hard…never a good combo for a pitcher to have. Oh, leans fly ball as a pitcher type and gives up 2.18 HRs/9 since 2017. I am full go on Giants here in both formats.

VS LHBs: .387 wOBA and .290 ISO

VS RHBs: .332 wOBA and .193 ISO

K%: 13.0%

OPPO K%: 23.3%

SWSTR%: 7.2%

OPPO SWSTR%: 11.1%

HC%: 33.2%


All SF stacks will have Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt in it. They are the catalsts lately for the Giants and if they drop a big number, these two will be involved. Crawford is on a heater currently, going 8-14 with 2 doubles, 1 HR and 4 RBIs during that series. Belt was productive just not at Crawford’s level going 3-12 with a double and 2 RBIs. I look for them to carry that hitting over tonight.

Belt: .380 wOBA and .234 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Crawford: .314 wOBA and .161 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

After those two, mix and match as you feel. Alex Hanson and Gregor Blanco are value (if needed) and righties like Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey and Evan Longoria are firmly in play here.

Chicago Cubs (GPP)

If you followed along on twitter this AM, a few great MLB DFS minds had a convo about the Jarlin Garcia/Cubs batters situation. I am a firm believer that Jarlin Garcia is good (Thanks to chris_r12DFS) but today I am going to attack his boy. I did start off pro Jarlin this AM but slightly changing my tune. Let’s get this out of the way now, yes the Cubs are passengers on the struggle bus right now, I get the fully…I am a Cubs fan and felt the pains of watching them lately. Jarlin is due regression at some point with xFIP of 4.79 since 2017 while having an ERA of 3.34 (those two stacks are on same scale, you can a read xFIP like ERA for a basic understanding). That xFIP grades out at awful and has for a while but Garcia does consistently outperform it so there is that potential he shuts them down. xFIP is a good tool to judge a pitcher on without their defense. SIERRA lines up with xFIP as well. Another positive for Cubs, if they can chase Jarlin, they get to face one the worst bull pens in baseball. Okay now that I rambled to justify my point, right or wrong, let’s talk stack. The Cubs have complete flop ability in them so know that risk!

VS LHBs: .246 wOBA and .121 ISO

VS RHBs: .281 wOBA and .150 ISO

K%: 18.6%

OPPO K%: 22.6%

SWSTR%: 10.6%

OPPO SWSTR%: 11.2%

HC%: 30.4%


 I am not coring any Cubs here. I do love me some Javy Baez vs a left hand GB pitcher. I always do. I lean righties here like Kris Bryant and Willson Contreras and sure none of those names surprise you. Victor Caratini (if starts) will get highly considered especially for value. Addison Russell is another one I like, the bat is there lately but power has not followed, that will come soon to me.


Minnesota Twins

Logan Morrison, Max Kepler, Robbie Grossman Eddie Rosario

Detroit Tigers

James McCann, Nicholas Castellanos (if starts), Mikie Mahtook, Jeimer Candelario (If starts); lots of questionable tags move Tigers down for me. If they start, the Tigers get a big bump.


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