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“Gun professor, I’ll punch whoever
Come here lookin’ like Conor McGregor
Leave this bitch lookin’ like Uncle Fester
Question, are we bitter rivals?
‘Cause we can shoot the Ks or the fade
‘Til both of our arms get vitiligo” – Royce Da 5’9″

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooo!! Hell of a slate today. Bats galore!! 

After digging in, I’ve got some goooood shit to offer today.

So…Let’s fucking go!!!


The guy who keeps the opposing team OFF THE BOARD. Picking a pitcher is like nailing Defense in NFL. It’s important. So don’t get cute. Also…when picking your pitcher, factor in, WHO IS CATCHING aka GAME CALLING/GAME MANAGING for your pitcher. The wrong call there, can spell gloom and fucking doom for your pitcher.  There are plenty of bats value wise to spice up your GPPs. I’m looking at…

P – Sonny Gray – ($6,000) – With Romine (one of the best game managers in the game) catching for Sonny, his stock rises imo. So I’m alllll on Gray today.

New Format:

Yeeeea FanDuel got cute and wanted to give us the option for more points…I guess. I’ll personally be rolling out catchers in these spots. Give me alllllllllllllll the #CriminalOwnership!!

C/1B – Joey Votto – ($4,100) – BvP baby!Plus Chacin is terrible against Lefties.

2B – Javier Baez– ($4,200). Can’t tell me he has been on fire. I’m hitching myself to the train. Hopefully I don’t drug for it lol. Plus I love how he’s seeing the ball regardless of match-up.

3B – Alex Bregman – ($3,900) – Why? Because Bregman batting 6th…is a thing…LMAO. YO…I know it sounds crazy, but when ever I got clued in to plug in Bregman, he was batting 6th and he had a good ass game!

SS – Orlando Arcia – ($2,200) – Brewers vs Lefties is also a thing. Arcia will be  be the 1 Brewer who is low owned, but that will go off. I don’t mind the Brew Crew stack either.

OF –Scott Schebler– ($3,000) Let’s be clear, the REDS stack is going to be uber chalk tonight and for good reason, as I stated above. Chacin vs Lefties…Lock and Load.

OF – Manuel Margot – ($2,800) – Why? It’s a toss up. I like Pirela too. Speed kills and this is a biiiiiig ball park. Lot’s of doubles, triples and inside the park Hrs happen here. I’m leaning Margot tho!

OF – Rhys Hoskins – ($4,500) Why?  Hoskins vs Straily is insane. He’s the lock of all locks tonight for me. Safe to say, Hos OWNS Straily.

Utility – Daniel Robertson – ($3,300) Why? YARD WORK is on the schedule today! The Rays have been MASHING and Robertson is the fucking plug!

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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