Stack’em Up! 4-23-2018

Stacks are essential to most DFS players success during MLB season. This article will highlight some promising stacks in prime spots to go off. I am currently using mostly 2017-18 stats until stats get settled out. I will never write up Coors Field as it is a known hot bed for stacking. Stack’em up, Sheet Squad!

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Favorite Stacks

 Seattle Mariners (Cash/GPP)

While I had Seattle wrote up last night vs Miguel Gonzalez but now Carson Fulmer. They went from a trash can pitcher to a gas can pitcher. Stack’em up boys and girls.

VS LHBs: .372 wOBA and .245 ISO

VS RHBs: .336 wOBA and .173 ISO

K%: 18.7%

OPPO K%: 22.2%

SWSTR%: 8.6%


HC%: 28.4%


As you see above, both sides hit him well but lefties mash him. Based on that info above, I am coring Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager. Both come in high for me tonight. Both should do well here and they get the get to face the terrible White Sox pen at least once if not twice. White Sox rank 28th in the league for bull pens.

Cano: .383 wOBA and .231 ISO vs RHP last 2 seasons

Seager: .353 wOBA and .216 ISO vs RHP last 2 seasons

Whether you take one or all 3 above, the rest of the stack should be completed with Dee Gordon, Ben Gamel, Nelson Cruz or Mike Zunino.

 Cleveland Indians (Cash/GPP)

Kevin Gausman with Chance Cisco catching is all in need to be in on the Indians tonight. It is widely known how bad Gausman can be with someone not named Caleb Joseph catching him. Apparently the Os ignore metrics, but hey not my concern. Makes stacking vs Gausman easier.

VS LHBs: .357 wOBA and .189 ISO

VS RHBs: .348 wOBA and .183 ISO

K%: 21.7%

OPPO K%: 24.4%

SWSTR%: 11.0%

OPPO SWSTR%: 10.3%

HC%: 32.5%


 Give me all the Michael Brantley and Jose Ramirez in Indians stacks please! Ramirez finding his 2017 self…look out MLB pitchers.

Brantley: .350 wOBA and .157 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Ramirez: .372 wOBA and .209 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

After those two, stack who you like to me. Either side of plate is in play. Guyer about the only bat I am not fond of..

Oakland Athletics (GPP)

I have Oakland as a GPP only stack and rightfully so. Yes, Matt Moore is pitching but the As have struggled vs lefties at times and Moore can occasionally pitch great. Moore does check all the boxes though to stack against him. As said above in the Gonzalez paragraph.

VS LHBs: .362 wOBA and .227 ISO

VS RHBs: .366 wOBA and .221 ISO

K%: 18.5%

OPPO K%: 25.6%

SWSTR%: 8.6%

OPPO SWSTR%: 10.5%

HC%: 36.5%


 You have to have known lefty masher Khris Davis plus I will go Stephen Piscotty to pair with him. I like Piscotty for a price/value stand point. He also is a power righty bat that can torture lefties.

Davis: .378 wOBA and .255 ISO vs LHP last 2 seasons

Piscotty: .383 wOBA and .232 ISO vs LHP last 2 seasons

After those two, you have a pleura of righties to pick from for this GPP stack. Matt Chapman is becoming one of my favorite players to watch so I will look hard at him. Marcus Semien, Jed Lowrie, Jonathon Lucroy, and Mark Canha are all names you should look at (In that order).


New York Yankees

Aaron Judge, Miguel Andujar, Didi Gregorius, Gary Sanchez

Houston Astros

George Springer, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Evan Gattis

Minnesota Twins

I will have a stack to be contrarian

Brian Dozier, Max Kepler, Logan Morrison, Eduardo Escobar


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