Stack’em up! 4/21/18

Stacks are essential to most DFS players success during MLB season. This article will highlight some promising stacks in prime spots to go off. I am currently using mostly 2017-18 stats until stats get settled out. I will never write up Coors Field as it is a known hot bed for stacking. Stack’em up, Sheet Squad!

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Favorite Stacks

Boston Red Sox (Cash/GPP)

Hottest team in baseball is my top stack tonight and who you should look at for top cash plays. They get left hander Sean Manaea. Manaea is a solid pitcher but the righties on Boston are stupid good right now. Looking at numbers below, tonight does not bode well for him. Red Sox proving to be a tough out at times, with a high contact rate and low swinging strike rate.

VS LHBs: .259 wOBA and .094 ISO

VS RHBs: .332 wOBA and .175 ISO

K%: 20.2%

OPPO K%: 18.1%

SWSTR%: 11.2%


HC%: 33.7%


I am going back to JD Martinez after a day off. I was all in last night until Cora gave him day. He is a lefty masher. Mookie would be easy to write up here as the other core stack, but I am going to use a salary saving piece (of sorts) instead. Mookie is a great play today. Eduardo Nunez will be my guy here in the core.

Nunez: .317 wOBA and .159 ISO vs LHP last 2 seasons

Martinez: .493 wOBA and .329 ISO vs LHP last 2 seasons

As I said above Mookie is in play and stats above make righties the perfect route. Only lefty that I would use is Rafael Devers.

 Los Angeles Angels (Cash/GPP)

I am sure you are seeing Angels and that cash label above after all their struggles recently.  Well their matchup is prime to me. I will write up anyone team against Derek Holland. Holland is a blow up waiting to happen. He is a fly ball lefty going against a power righty Angels squad. To me this stack is a no brainer. He is not missing bats and getting hit hard but somehow has not given up more than 3 ERs. Today that changes!

VS LHBs: .298 wOBA and .153 ISO

VS RHBs: .398 wOBA and .269 ISO

K%: 17.4%

OPPO K%: 18.7%

SWSTR%: 7.1%




 Mike Trout and Justin Upton are my locks. Trout is leading MLB in HRs and will be hitting in front of raw power vs lefties (Upton). Perfect for a stack combo today.

Trout: .407 wOBA and .222 ISO vs LHB last 2 seasons

Upton: .382 wOBA and .269 ISO vs LHB last 2 seasons

Ian Kinsler, Zack Cozart, Albert Pujols are the pricier Angel righties and cheaper I would look at Chris Young, Martin Maldonado and Jefry Marte. I think the Angels breakout with 6+ runs tonight.

Seattle Mariners (GPP)

Mariners are a stack that people might shy away from after seeing Bartolo still has good movement on his fastballs. I will not steer clear though. The Mariners are fastball hitting team and that is all Bartolo throws (sinker included). While his last was amazing, back to normal Bartolo. There is rain in the forecast, but I expect a delay as of now. A delay is what we want, slight humidity bump in a hitters paradise.

VS LHBs: .362 wOBA and .227 ISO

VS RHBs: .366 wOBA and .221 ISO

K%: 14.9%

OPPO K%: 23.0%

SWSTR%: 5.7%


HC%: 36.5%


 Nelson Cruz and Robinson Cano will be my core here. If the Ms are to hammer Bartolo, these two will be heavily involved. .

Cruz: .378 wOBA and .255 ISO vs RHP last 2 seasons

Cano: .383 wOBA and .232 ISO vs RHP last 2 seasons

Kyle Seager, Dee Gordon (SB upside), Mitch Haniger and Mike Zunino. Any combo of these is perfectly fine but I like Seager and Haniger most.

Arizona Diamondbacks (GPP)

Clayton Richard in Chase Filed tonight….sound the alarm. This matchup will quiet the humidor nerds out there. Richard will see a pleura of righties tonight. We are targeting another guy who doesn’t miss many bats and gets hit hard constantly.

VS LHBs: .305 wOBA and .080 ISO

VS RHBs: .377 wOBA and .217 ISO

K%: 17.5%

OPPO K%: 25.4%

SWSTR%: 8.6%


HC%: 35.9%


 Paul Goldschmidt is my only core play here. If anyone lights him up on this team, it will be Goldy who owns him in his career.

Goldschmidt: .440 wOBA and .275 ISO vs LHP last 2 seasons

Richard holds his own vs lefties so I am fading David Peralta and Daniel Descalco. AJ Pollock was scratched last night but if he is in, I will go there. The value bats are the good ones here, Ketel Marte, Nick Ahmed and Chris Owens (he passed concussion protocol so I expected to see him in line up) are the cheap righties that turn this line up over for the big nights.


New York Mets

Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, Asdrubal Cabrera, Jay Bruce

Milwaukee Brewers

Travis Shaw, Eric Thames, Ryan Braun, Christina Yelich, Eric Sogard (value if starts)

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