NBA Plays of the Day 4/17 – Playoffs Edition

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.

• Point Guard

John Wall [ $9,800 / $9,100 ] Despite a poor shooting night, as he shot 6-20 from the field, John Wall had an impressive game, in which he totaled 62.1 FanDuel points and led the charge for a Wizards team that had done relatively well, when he was injured. While he does have a ton of room for improvement tonight, it’s also fair to say that we may see some regression; nonetheless, he’ll have a chip on his shoulder, all series long. At the same price on FanDuel, Damian Lillard offers a lot of upside, so both are viable.

Rajon Rondo [ $6,400 / $7,100 ] In what is sure to be an exciting rematch, Rajon Rondo was instrumental in their victory, as he went for 6/17/8 in 39 minutes of action and in the world of narratives, he channeled his next form: Playoff Rondo – improved version. Even though the Pelicans were able to keep down the Trailblazers’ back court, for the most part, I don’t see that happening again, at home, which illuminate the competition. I expect increased ownership, as he garnered a ton of attention, although he’s worth it.

• Shooting Guard

Khris Middleton [ $8,400 / $7,400 ] While Giannis Antetokounmpo will be the defining factor in this series, Khris Middleton showed that he can step up and take some of the burden himself, as he put up 55.6 FanDuel points and then sent the Bucks to overtime. It’s clear that he’ll need to have similar efforts to keep Milwaukee in ball games, seeing as the Celtics will look to contain Giannis in any way they can, so cling onto Middleton. DraftKings presents a lower and more reasonable price tag, but he’s alright either way.

Jaylen Brown [ $6,400 / $6,000 ] On the other side of this matchup, Jaylen Brown has had to assert himself with Kyrie Irving and Marcus Marcus Smart out and if the first game proved anything, it’s that he’s ready to be the guy that Boston needs to advance. During the regular season, the Bucks weren’t up to the challenge defensively, as they ranked 17th in the league, which should allow Brown some comfort, but he’s a target. If you’re looking for a relatively safe option with minutes and usage, look no further.

• Small Forward

Jayson Tatum [ $7,200 / $6,300 ] Sticking with the Celtics, the rookie Jayson Tatum has been everything and more that they could hope for and with their top two players out, he’s one of their best options on the offensive end and has been sharp defensively, too. Milwaukee turned the ball over a total of 20 times in the first outing and although it’s difficult to expect that again, Tatum did benefit from it and their defense is impressive. As the second most expensive small forward, he’s not overwhelming and is a nice play.

Otto Porter Jr. [ $5,600 / $5,400 ] First games don’t always set a great first impression for some players and Otto Porter Jr. played like the fourth option, as he mustered just 22.5 FanDuel points in his 31 minutes of game time, which he’ll look to improve upon. With much of the offensive concentration surrounding Wall, Beal and Morris, Porter wasn’t as much of a factor as he could’ve been, owning just a 10% usage, but shot well. His price is too cheap for what he’s capable of and he could come with low ownership.

• Power Forward

Anthony Davis [ $12,700 / $11,400 ] There’s really not too much to say about Anthony Davis except that he’s a near must play, especially if you want a little leverage later in the night, as Portland has had no answer for him in their last two meetings he played. The Blazers have dominated the boards in the first game of the series, however, he’s a matchup nightmare on the other end and they’re just too small or not athletic enough. I expect another wire to wire game and if that’s the case, Davis could bolster your line.

Markieff Morris [ $6,000 / $5,300 ] Its been noted by the head coach Scott Brooks that while Wall and Beal are their best players, Markieff Morris is the team’s x-factor and he’ll need to play well, if Washington hopes to beat Toronto and get to the next round. With that being said, targeting Morris isn’t at all a bad either, even with Serge Ibaka on the other side of this matchup, as he should see a boost in usage and get opportunities. There are other cheaper picks, but he has upside and this game should be competitive.

• Center

Al Horford [ $8,000 / $ 7,300 ] Out of all the centers on tonight’s slate and certainly at the top tier level, Al Horford provides the most security, as the Bucks simply don’t have the rebounding ability of the Celtics and if they play small, they’ll be take advantage of. Like Giannis, on the other side of things, Boston needs Horford out there, helping keep the offense afloat and being an anchor on the defensive end, or they have little chance. The only thing I see getting in the way of an encore performance, is if he isn’t dialed in.

Value: Wright, Brogdon, Turner, Davis.

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