Monday’s Plays of the Day

Point Guard

Goran Dragic

After a disappointing Game 1 of the playoffs, Dragic is going to need to take a big leap in his game to help Miami tie the series 1-1 before heading home for Game 3. There were still some bright spots from his underwhelming Game 1 performance as he still finished with 15 points, five rebounds and four assists.

Patty Mills

Mills is going to be a big X-Factor for the Spurs if they’re going to have any shot at taking down the Warriors. He couldn’t knock down a basket in Game 1, but the shots were available for the scoring guard. Mills can put up numbers in a hurry and with his price-tag under 5K, he makes for a strong play on tonight’s card.

Shooting Guard

Marco Belinelli

After exceptional Game 1 of the playoffs, Belinelli is proving himself to be a solid addition to the young, gritty Sixers team. With no Embiid for at least the could games of the first round of the playoffs, the Sixers will be relying on Simmons’ playmaking to continue their 17-game win streak heading into Game 2. Coach Brett Brown will stack the court with shooters to surround the potential rookie of the year, which means that Belinelli should get the same workload he saw in during his 25-point performance on Saturday.

Danny Green

Tasked with the challenge of defending Kevin Durant, Green could be looking at a bigger workload from his 21 minutes in Game 1. The potential chance of racking up multiple defensive stats and 3-pointers. The upside is too high with a below 4K price-tag on this card and playing Green gives you the flexibility to afford the more pricey players to fill your roster.

Small Forward

Kevin Durant

With no Curry, Durant is going to continue to be the No. 1 option for the remaining champs. His size and skill makes him almost unstoppable against a Kawhi Leonard-less Spurs team. While he may not make his price-point value, Durant could be the highest scoring player on the night.

Josh Richardson

All of the remaining small forwards on tonight’s card are all a 50-50 shot between really good and almost unusable, yet you have to pick one. Josh Richardson is one of the Heat’s best two-way players and has the ability to fill out an entire stat sheet. He’s a gamble but he’s the guy I’d put my money on.

Power Forward

Draymond Green

This is my favorite play of the day. My lock of the day. Green does everything for the Warriors and that allows him to rack up numbers in every category of the stat sheet. The All-Star forward was just two rebounds away from a triple-double in 33 minutes of Game 1 . I would expect to see more of the same in tonight’s game, which means another night of Green exceeding value.

Dario Saric

Saric is one of the young studs on the Sixers that I feel doesn’t get enough attention with the rest of those guys, but this kid is good. He played 30 minutes in Game 1 and was able to finish with 20 points, six rebounds and three assists. With so much attention on Simmons, Saric should continue to see plenty of open baskets.


Hassan Whiteside

The team’s starting center only played 12 minutes in Game 1, which was a bit of a shock with how much of an impact the big man can make on both ends of the floor. The limited minutes in Game 1 could make him extremely low owned. With the upside in blocks, points and rebounds Whiteside could be the player that puts your roster at the top of any tournament.

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