4-16-18 Stack’em UP! by @CubbableHoosier

Stacks are essential to most DFS players success during MLB season in my opinion. This article will highlight some promising stacks in prime spots to go off. I will never write up Coors Field as it is a known hot bed for stacking. Early in the year, I will use numbers from last 2 years (length of players will less than 2 years of MLB service time) until things start settling out. I am slowly incorporating 2018 numbers into play. Stack’em up Fancave!

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Favorite Stacks

Toronto Blue Jays (Cash/GPP)

Get use to me writing against Eric Skoglund. The guy is just terrible, nothing more than a minor league arm. I LOVE the Jays stack tonight. Skoglund doesn’t strike out people, doesn’t miss bats and gets hit hard. I do expect the Jays to carry some ownership but that does not bother me at all. Let’s hope they get the game in with ice and stadium, travel issues.

VS LHBs (2017-18): .363 wOBA and .075 ISO

VS RHBs (2017-18): .459 wOBA and .266 ISO

My core are all the righties that will mash him. I love Justin Smoak, Kevin Pillar and Steve Pearce here. These guys feast on bad lefties and they get one tonight. Smoak gets that hit that has eluded him last 3 games. Pillar has a 5 game hit streak to note here.

Smoak: .362 wOBA and .180 ISO vs LHB last 2 seasons

Pillar: .347 wOBA and .174 ISO vs LHB last 2 seasons

Pearce: .375 wOBA and .283 ISO vs LHB last 2 seasons

All righties and no lefties for me here. Teoscar Hernandez in the 2 hole is great value. I love Aledmys Diaz at SS and Randal Grichuk is power at both of order. The Jays are righty heavy and I love it!

Philadelphia Phillies (Cash/GPP)

Teheran at home….enough said. His struggles there are well documented.

VS LHBs (2017-18): .339 wOBA and .212 ISO

VS RHBs (2017-18): .336 wOBA and .185 ISO

Anytime I stack the Phillies, I use Rhys Hoskins. He will be in my stack regardless. One of the best young hitters out.

Hoskins: .419 wOBA and .313 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

After Hoskins, go all lefties here for the homer potential. Santana was 0-5 in first meeting, I am willing to bet that does not happen again. Odubel Herrera and JP Crawford are other lefties I love. Scott Kingery leading off is a must in the stack. He has speed to torch Teheran.

San Diego Padres (GPP)

Here is your over looked, low owned stack to me. Vegas doesn’t believe in them with a low run implied total and the herd is not talking them at all. I also think Hyun-Jin Ryu is bad. He is so inconsistent. Take advantage of it to me.

VS LHBs: .399 wOBA and .249 ISO

VS RHBs: .310 wOBA and .183 ISO

 Hunter Renfroe and Christian Villanueva are my core here. If I am going for the GPP win, I want the power as the core. Both guys negate the park factor to me with their raw power. Renfroe is a known lefty masher.

Renfroe: .425 wOBA and .357 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Villanueva: .597 wOBA and .593 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

I will be attacking Ryu with righties here so give me Jose Pirela and Freddy galvis interest me for speed and on base. Eric Hosmer the only lefty I would use here. This stack will either mash or crash hard. Risk/Reward


(Other section is designed for options if core plays of stacks are out or you don’t like the stacks written up.)

New York Mets

Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto, Adrian Gonzalez, Asdrubal Cabrera

Oakland Atheltics

Matt Olson, Matt Chapman, Matt Joyce, Jed Lowrie, Maxwell value is starts

Colorado Rockies

DJ LeMahieu, Trevor Story, Chris Iannetta, Ian Desmond


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