NHL Breakdown (Playoffs 4/12)

Happy Thursday everyone and happy playoffs! Tonight is day 2 of the NHL playoffs and it will be hard to beat last night. The Penguins put a whoopin on the Flyers, defeating them 7-0. The Jets vs Wild game was very good with a final score of 3-2 Jets and the Vegas Golden Knights got their first franchise playoff win, defeating the LA Kings 1-0. Tonight, we have 5 games on this slate and some matchups that will be pretty entertaining to watch. Let’s take a look at those five matchups tonight:

TOR@ BOS 7:00pm
NJ@ TB 7:00pm
CLS@ WAS 7:30pm
COL@ NSH 9:30pm
SJ@ ANH 10:30pm

TOR@BOS is going to be one heck of a series. Obviously, TB is the heavy favored team in their matchup against the Devils but I wouldn’t sleep on New Jersey too early. CLS@WAS, COL@NSH, and SJ@ANH will all three be close tight nit series. Should be a fun night of playoff hockey yet again. Now lets look at my plays of the day for this 5 game slate:


Favorite Center Plays:

Patrice Bergeron vs Toronto Maple Leafs ($8000 FD)

Bergeron finished the regular season with 30 goals and 33 assists while only playing 64 games. The Bruins just look like such a better team when he’s in the lineup because him, Pastrnak, and Marchand work so much better together. I like the Bruins a lot in this series against the Maple Leafs and I expect Bergeron to have himself one heck of a series starting tonight.

Steven Stamkos vs New Jersey Devils ($8500 FD)

Stamkos is likely to slide back into the lineup for game 1 tonight after being out since April 1st. Obviously, the Lightning are the favorites in this matchup against the Devils and I expect the Stamkos line to find the score sheet multiple times tonight.

Auston Matthews @ Boston Bruins ($7800 FD)

As I said above, I like Boston in this series, but I don’t expect either goalie to get a shutout in this matchup and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a 3-2 or 4-3 game. Both times have some serious offensive power and It may not be a bad idea to do a game stack with Matthews and Bergeron and then go cheap at other spots.

Ryan Johansen vs Colorado Avalanche ($6200 FD)

Nashville are my favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season and I expect them to make fairly quick work of the Avalanche, who are missing some key components to their lineup. I like both the first and second line for the Preds tonight, mainly Johansen, Arvidsson, Turris, and Fiala.

Good Center Plays:

Ryan Getzlaf @ San Jose Sharks ($7300 FD)

I truly don’t know how I feel about this Sharks vs Ducks series because I feel like this could be a high scoring affair or a goalies duel. Ryan Getzlaf is very good in the playoffs and with a winger like Rakell, they could do well in the playoffs if they keep up their strong play.

Evgeny Kuznetsov vs Columbus Blue Jackets ($7700 FD)

Kuznetsov will be on the first line with Ovechkin yet again and I like having him there. They play very well together and are a fun bunch to watch. What worries me about playing these guys is that they consistently make the playoffs but then they bust in the playoffs. They will need to come out and set a ton early on if they want to win this series against the Blue Jackets.

Nathan MacKinnon @ Nashville Predators ($8400 FD)

I really was hoping Colorado would do well, but they are on the road in Nashville and Nashville at home might be one of the hardest to beat right now. MacKinnon is just about the only guy I’d think about playing from the Avalanche tonight, because I am going all Nashville.

Value Center Plays:

Kyle Turris vs Colorado Avalanche ($5800 FD)

I like Turris a lot tonight, great price and continuously produces good fantasy numbers. Varlamov is out atleast for the first round, which is a huge boost for the Predators. Turris and Fiala are great cheap options for you to use and then pay up for other higher priced players. Smith is also another good option to play with Turris.


Favorite Winger Plays:

Nikita Kucherov vs New Jersey Devils ($8700 FD)

I love me some Kucherov tonight against the Devils. Kucherov has 22 goals and 20 assists in 45 career playoff games. He also has 111 shots on goal in those games which is an incredible number. Great regular season for Kucherov as well and I expect that great play to continue tonight.

Brad Marchand vs Toronto Maple Leafs ($7900 FD)

I am all over Marchand as well tonight against the Maple Leafs. He finished the regular season on a tear and managed 34 goals and 51 assists in 68 games played. Love me some Bergeron, Marchand, and Pastrnak tonight on home ice.

Alex Ovechkin vs Columbus Blue Jackets ($8800 FD)

Ovechkin is another great play tonight. He had an incredible regular season with 49 goals and 38 assists in 82 games this season. Pretty incredible at his age that he managed to play all 82 games and managed the numbers he got. I expect a great playoff performance from the Capitals tonight on home ice against the Blue Jackets.

Viktor Arvidsson vs Colorado Avalanche ($6700 FD)

As I stated above, give me some Nashville tonight. Arvidsson on the first line with Johansen is all you could ask for. Great line stack tonight against the Avalanche, who will continue to be without Varlamov for at least this first round. Viktor played in 78 games for the Preds this season and finished the regular season with 29 goals and 32 assists.

Good Winger Plays:

Taylor Hall @ Tampa Bay Lightning ($8100 FD)

I’m glad to see that Taylor Hall made it to the playoffs. Much deserved after the remarkable 27 game point streak he had going throughout the middle part of the season. Hall finished the regular season with 39 goals and 54 assists through 76 games. Vasi is known to give up quite a few goals even though he gets the win and I feel that it could be one of those nights tonight.

David Pastrnak vs Toronto Maple Leafs ($7500 FD)

As noted above, I like Marchand more but quite honestly you couldn’t go wrong having either or tonight in game 1 against the Maple Leafs. Should be a fun and entertaining series but I do have Boston winning this one tonight at least. Bergeron, Marchand, Pastrnak stack might be a good idea for GPPs.

Rikard Rakell @ San Jose Sharks ($7100 FD)

I like Rakell and Getzlaf tonight against the Sharks because this is a game that I think could be a 3-2 or 4-3 game. I expect the Sharks to come out on top but I wouldn’t be the least surprised to see Rakell and Getzlaf find the score sheet once or twice tonight.

Evander Kane vs Anaheim Ducks ($6800 FD)

As I said under Rakell, this game could be a 3-2 or 4-3 game, which means both offensive elites on both sides could find the score sheet. Kane finished the regular season with 29 goals and 25 assists in 78 games. Going to the Sharks was the best thing that could happen for Kane as he has thrived lately for them.

Value Winger Plays:

Kevin Fiala vs Colorado Avalanche ($4200 FD)

Fiala is so cheap at 4200 on FanDuel and I expect the Predators to put up multiple goals and the second line should be on a couple. He finished the regular season with 23 goals and 25 assists in 80 games. At his price, you could use him and Turris and then still have plenty of money left over to pay up for a higher priced center or wing.

Zach Hyman @ Boston Bruins ($4600 FD)

Hyman is automatically valuable considering he is on the first line with Matthews. Another cheap winger play that could find the score sheet multiple times along with Auston Matthews. Play him and Fiala and wing and then you have a ton of money to disperse between other centers and d men.


Favorite Defenseman Plays:

Roman Josi vs Colorado Avalanche ($6200 FD)

Josi is my top favorite defenseman play tonight against the Avalanche. He finished the regular season with 14 goals and 39 assists in 75 games. He is so valuable because of his PP time and blocked shots. He is a great average priced defenseman tonight.

Brent Burns vs Anaheim Ducks ($7300 FD)

Burns is the most expensive defenseman on the slate and its not really surprising to say the least. He has so much potential to score over 20 FD points every night. He shoots the puck a ton and finds the score sheet many times. He finished the regular season with 12 goals and 55 assists in 82 games. If you are willing to pay the price for him then he is not a bad option at all.

Good Defenseman Play:

John Carlson vs Columbus Blue Jackets ($6100 FD)

Carlson could honestly be in my favorite defenseman plays because he has so much potential and could find the score sheet multiple times. I expect the Capitals to jump out to an early lead and just control the game from that point on. He finished the regular season with 15 goals and 53 assists in 82 games.

Seth Jones @ Washington Capitals ($5800 FD)

Jones is the only player I have in this article from the Blue Jackets and I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me. I have Jones because typically he is attached to their goals if they do score. I actually like Grubauer tonight against the Blue Jackets, which is why I don’t have any other Jackets players.

Value Defenseman Plays

Jake Gardiner @ Boston Bruins ($4700 FD)

Gardiner finished the regular season with 5 goals and 47 assists for the Maple Leafs. He is my favorite defenseman in the Bruins vs Maple Leafs game for sure. Not a high price tag on him either which makes him even more valuable.


Favorite Goalie Plays:

Andrei Vasilevskiy vs New Jersey Devils ($8800 FD)

Vasilevskiy is well rested and should play fare well against the New Jersey Devils. He finished the regular season with 44 wins and 20 losses in 65 games. He has 4 wins and 5 losses in his 12 career playoff games. His GAA in those 12 games is a 2.85. He will look to add a win to that column and lower that GAA.

Philipp Grubauer vs Columbus Blue Jackets ($8200 FD)

I really like Grubauer tonight against the Blue Jackets. Personally I feel like the Capitals have a better chance with Grubauer than Holtby based off previous play. He is 7-3-0 in his last 10 outings with a 2.31 GAA. Should be a good game for him to prove himself as a top tier goalie in the league.


This article is meant to help you put together your lineup for the slate. If this helps you out tonight please post your winnings on twitter and tag me @DFSDevotee and @FanCaveDFS

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on twitter!

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