Stack’em Up! 4-4

Stacks are essential to most DFS players success during MLB season in my opinion. This article will highlight some promising stacks in prime spots to go off. I will never write up Coors Field as it is a known hot bed for stacking. Early in the year, I will use numbers from last 2 years (length of players will less than 2 years of MLB service time) until things start settling out. Stack’em up Fancave!

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Favorite Stacks

Chicago Cubs (Cash/GPP)

Cubs come in as a good stack tonight for me vs Brandon Woodruff. Woodruff is a young arm that can struggle and Cubs, even with hitting struggles, are a confident bunch.. Woodruff not a big strike out pitcher so this could help the free-swinging Cubs some here. He only has an 8.8% swinging strike rate (small sample size). Time for the lefty bats to show up!

VS LHBs: .376 wOBA and .131 ISO

VS RHBs: .249 wOBA and .136 ISO

 I know the ISO numbers are not high but it is Miller Park and roof is closed…balls could fly. I know runs, HRs and XBHs all jump up in percentage when it is closer. I am going to Kyle Schwarber and Anthony Rizzo here! Yes, they are pricey, but Rizzo has had some BAD luck and Schwarber is hitting like a beast right now.

Schwarber: .341 wOBA and .273 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Rizzo: .393 wOBA and .251 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

If you want to full stack, I would go with more lefties but Contreras and Russell seeing ball well and should be lower owned. Baez is looking good as well. Hold righties for GPPs only to me.

 Los Angeles Angels (Cash/GPP)

I have waited to see what all these changes would yield and so far it has yielded success in terms of wins and losses. Now is time to jump on board vs Daniel Gossett. Gossett is not a very good pitcher and all sides of this play could/should mash him. He is reverse splits pitcher in his 121 IPS small size in his career.

VS LHBs: .383 wOBA and .195 ISO

VS RHBs: .378 wOBA and .285 ISO

 Let’s make sure we have the GOAT of this current generation in our line…..Mike Trout. I am finally going to cave in and roster Shohei Ohtani. Those are the bats I want here for sure.

Trout: .432 wOBA and .291 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Ohtani: Switch hitter with pop from left side; been on a good stretch

All Angeles in play for me here. All of them rate out well for me. Just ask me in the discord chat if you need deciders.

Texas Rangers/Toronto Blue Jays (GPP)

Look … the pitchers are bad here, but rain in forecast will likely worry the herd. DO NOT LET IT! This has all the makings of a 15+ run game. As I said about ‘bad’ pitchers in Matt Moore and Marcos Estrada, they are in one of the best hitter environments which gets a boost by the weather. You are probably wondering: “How?” Let me explain! Right now, Texas’ temperature is in the 80s, which makes it great for hitters. Storms rolling through will make humidity jump from the 40’s into the 70s! Evening brings in mid to high 60s….yes, please! High humidity and warmer temps make the ball carry further. Next thing I love here is this: In 2016, the conditions were almost exactly the same in Cincinnati, in April, and rain threatened and humidity rose as well. The herd saw the humidity jump, and they jumped off the game. Arrieta threw a no-no and Cubs dropped 15 runs…this game has the same markings. It also led me to a 4-digit day. I am ready to chance that again.

Matt Moore:

VS LHBs: .364 wOBA and .187 ISO

VS RHBs: .317 wOBA and .166 ISO

Marcos Estrada:

VS LHBs: .278 wOBA and .173 ISO

VS RHBs: .335 wOBA and .197 ISO

 Rangers to use: If you read above…Moore is reverse splits. Everyone will want Josh Donaldson and I don’t blame them but I am on board with the (Justin) Smoak monster. After those two….Curtis Granderson, Kendrys Morales and Steve Pearce look great

Blue Jays to use: Just like Moore, the righty, Estrada leans reverse splits as well. Everyone will think Joey Gallo, like Dondalson, I don’t blame them. Names like Adrian Beltre and Robinson Chrinos are high on my radar. I love those righties. Roughned Odor and Shin-soo Choo are in play.


Oakland Athletics

Matt Joyce, Matt Olson, Jed Lowrie, Khris Davis

New York Yankees

(If Joesph IS catching for Gausman, I am on them less)

Aaron Judge, Gar Sanchez, Brett Gardner, Neil Walker

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