Stack ‘Em Up 4/2: w/ @CubbableHoosier

Stacks are essential to most DFS players success during MLB season in my opinion. This article will highlight some promising stacks in prime spots to go off. I will never write up Coors Field as it is a known hot bed for stacking. Early in the year, I will use numbers from last 2 years (length of players will less than 2 years of MLB service time) until things start settling out. Stack’em up Fancave!

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Favorite Stacks

Houston Astros (Cash/GPP)

Astros home opener tonight after winning the World Series last year so the excitement will be high in Houston. They get to face a gas can named Chris Tillman. Houston…..Tillman has a problem!

VS LHBs: .359 wOBA and .185 ISO

VS RHBs: .350 wOBA and .216 ISO

Marwin fucking Gonzalez and Alex Bregman will lead off my stacks here. Marwin at home vs a righty is a near lock for me all the time. Today is National Autism Awareness Day…probably wonder why I bring this up…well Bregman’s godson was diagnosed with Autism and this day holds a spot near Breman’s heart. Just check his tweet out today. That is enough for me to have 100% today.

Gonzalez: .348 wOBA and .182 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Bregman: .368 wOBA and .209 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

All the big bats are in play and will carry their fair share of ownership. Jose Alutve, Carlos Correa and George Springer should all do damage today as well. Don’t overlook them if stacking Astros in all formats.

Los Angeles Dodgers (Cash/GPP)

Dodgers found their bats in the last two games of the Giants series. Now they get Taijuan Walker and the ‘Humidor’. That thing is a joke and roof open likely tonight means that ball will travel. Love the Dodgers to torch a guy who struggles at his home park.

VS LHBs: .308 wOBA and .215 ISO

VS RHBs: .327 wOBA and .171 ISO

All the big bats found their swing last night and looked solid especially Bellinger. I am going right back to him as a corner stone to my stack…just look at the 2 year ISO. Yasmani Grandal is another Dodger who had a good night last night and I will turn too.

Bellinger: .383 wOBA and .323 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Grandal: .341 wOBA and .251 ISO vs RHB last 2 seasons

Corey Seager is another bat that I am fond of here. He can get hot fast and a great place to find it. Joc Pdereson and Chase Utley I like also…notice a theme here? RHBs are in play..I just lean LHBs.

Baltimore Orioles (GPP)

Orioles are a GPP stack only for one reason mainly…..Charlie Morton is chalk tonight and they can get to him. Righties over the last 2 years have had some success vs Morton and Os have the bats to do it.  

VS LHBs: .337 wOBA and .172 ISO

VS RHBs: .257 wOBA and .130 ISO

I am going to focus on what I believe the 2-5 hitters in the lineup. I am not chasing Chris Davis as a lead off hitter.

Machado: .341 wOBA and .228 ISO vs RHP last 2 seasons

Schoop: .335 wOBA and .188 ISO vs RPH last 2 seasons

Jones: .362 wOBA and .221 ISO vs RHP last 2 seasons

Mancini: .3339 wOBA and .199 ISO vs RPH last 2 seasons

Colby Rasmus and Pedro Alvarez will be the cheap bats to consider for salary relief. This could be a monster stack to hedge chalk and bring home the money.


Oakland Atheltics

Matt Joyce, Matt Olson, Khris Davis

Cleveland Indians

Francisco Lindor, Lonnie Chisenhall, Jason Kipnis


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