Stack ‘Em Up! – FanCave Stacks of the Day 3/30

Stacks are essential to most DFS players success during MLB season in my opinion. This article will highlight some promising stacks in prime spots to go off. I will never write up Coors Field as it is a known hot bed for stacking. Early in the year, I will use numbers from last year until things start settling out. Stack’em up Fancave!

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Favorite Stacks

Chicago Cubs (Cash/GPP)

Caleb Smith is a little-known guy. He has been a bull pen arm most his short career, so I expect limited IPs here. I would think 3-4 IPs from bull pen is in order tonight. You saw the Cubs get few runs from bull pen in a close game. So targeting the lefty will be chalk and high on lots of lists tonight. Normally I would write to handiness wOBA and ISO but I am not too concerned with it here.

I am targeting with RHBs like everyone will. Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras, Addison Russell and Javier Baez. Albert Almora is name I will be on and a name to remember for platoon splits.

Houston Astros (Cash/GPP)

If you read my work last year at DRS, you will know the Astros were a go to stack for me, especially at home vs a RHP. Doug Fisters is not a good pitcher and people will still look at Jose Altuve and George Springer but that will not be my main focus tonight.

VS LHBs: .389 wOBA and .183 ISO

VS RHBs: .364 wOBA and .104 ISO

Marwin fucking Gonzalez. This is what I live for with the Astros vs RHPs Stack. He is auto lock batting left handed at home for me.

Gonzalez: .348 wOBA and .182 ISO vs RHB last season

Josh Reddick and Brain McCann are other LHBs I will look at. Yes the big 3 are in play always. Sneaky bat (if he gets start) is Derek Fisher. He has some speed and solid bat. Fisher was one of last to make roster and manager has confidence in the young man.

Oakland Athletics  (GPP)

Attacking Tyler Skaggs has made my articles a few times in the past and will again today. He STRUGGLES vs RHBS and Oakland happens to have a lot of those. Writing this and not having Ryon Healy on the As roster anymore saddens me but it is life.

VS LHBs: .337 wOBA and .171 ISO

VS RHBs: .328 wOBA and .121 ISO

Khris Davis and Stephen Piscotty will be the main parts of my stack.

Davis: .350 wOBA and .261 ISO vs RHP this season

Piscotty: .379 wOBA and .211 ISO vs RPH this season

Load RHBs for the power potential and lefties have a solid matchup here. Marcus Siemen, Jonathon Lucroy and Jed Lowry are other RHBS I like.


New York Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Neil Walker

Philadelphia Phillies

Rhys Hoskins, Carlos Santana, Maikel Franco

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