Off The Cuff – #NBA #FanDuel Starting 5

“Somebody gotta be filming this
When you got this much God somebody gotta be villainess
Somebody gotta be feeling like it’s prophecy filling in
We gotta be boss, somebody gotta be middle men
When you do it this big somebody gotta belittle it”

What’s hattnin’ my people! It’s time to switch it. Time to take OTC to the next level. Time to hop my crazy ass in the deep end, with NBA!

Nooooow before we get started, understand, this article is for those who, like myself, aren’t that great at full roster construction in NBA DFS. With the STARTING 5, we can simplify the construction and go for what you know a little bit EASIER! Plus, the STARTING 5 on FanDuel, way more fun to me.

So, Let’s get into it!

SG – Lou Williams– ($10,500)

Chalk Bomb…but ya’ll know he’s damn near un-fade-able tonight…Again.  I really don’t need to show any kind of number to support his roster spot. You know wtf it is lmao. OKC is horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible against the 2. Yea…Lou has been hot garbage lately. But that’s the thing with DFS…you gotta ride out these cold streaks.

Also eyeballing… D’Angelo Russell – ($10,000) – I guess the 76ers have forgotten how to D up the 2 position lol. Absolutely love this spot.

PG – Goran Dragic – ($10,000)

Let’s be real man…the Lakers give it up against the 1…A LOT. Everybody and their mama will be on Westy tonight, so to be a little different and to climb up to the top of those leader boards…it’s time to get different!


F – Serge Ibaka – ($9,500)

The Mavs are terrrrrible against the 4 position. over the last 10 games, they’ve given up 30 points and 17 rebounds to opposing teams.

F – Ben Simmons  – ($13,000)

KILL SPOT!!! The Nets suck at many poitions ok lol. Simmons vs Dinwiddie…come on!!   I’m also eyeballing – Harrison Barnes – ($10,000) – Going at the Raptors at the 3 position seems to be a thing.  I can see Barnes going OFF! I also feel like he’ll be low owned (in GPPs).

C – Joel Embiid – ($14,000)

SUPER CHALK. Everybody knows by now that the Nets are terrible against bigs. I know Embiid has been stinking up the joint lately, but I think he pulls it together tonight.

Another smash spot: C – Willie Cauley Stein – ($10,000). I’m leaning more on Koufos, but since FanDuel is stupid at times, and he isn’t in the player pool… WCS might go of against an extremely banged up Golden State team.

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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