Off The Cuff – #NBA #FanDuel Starting 5

“Somebody gotta be filming this
When you got this much God somebody gotta be villainess
Somebody gotta be feeling like it’s prophecy filling in
We gotta be boss, somebody gotta be middle men
When you do it this big somebody gotta belittle it”

What’s hattnin’ my people! It’s time to switch it. Time to take OTC to the next level. Time to hop my crazy ass in the deep end, with NBA!

Nooooow before we get started, understand, this article is for those who, like myself, aren’t that great at full roster construction in NBA DFS. With the STARTING 5, we can simplify the construction and go for what you know a little bit EASIER! Plus, the STARTING 5 on FanDuel, way more fun to me.

So, Let’s get into it!

PG – Kemba Walker– ($14,000)

Kemba at home has been “a thing” all season. For whatever reason, he gets up for home games. Against a team like Brooklyn, GIVE ME ALL OF THE KEMBA lol. I see him putting up 35-50FDPs

Also eyeballing…

SG – Evan Fournier – ($11,500)

Listen…The Knicks GIVE IT UP  to 2 guards. In the last 5 games they’ve given up, 27.6 Pts./ 7.6 Rebs/6.6 Ast. to be exact. So why in the world would you not want exposure to that? EXACTLY.

F – Robert Covington – ($10,000)

Bulls against the 3 is much like a lactose intolerant stomach full of some whole milk…to “coin a phrase” … “Stinky and loaded with danger”, LOL. Last 5 games, opposing 3’s have put up 28 Pts and 12 Rebs. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea. Lock!

F – Kevin Durant – ($15,500)

Clippers are a fucking mess bruh lol. They don’t know which way is up right now. Soooooo it’s the 2nd half, teams are gonna start playing insane. So why not get you some late game exposure by plugging in KD…everybody’s favorite bad guy lol.

C – Dwight Howard – ($14,000)

Ya’ll know why he’s here. Brooklyn have given up 24.6 pts/18 reb in the last 5 games to the 5 position, because like I’ve said above…Brooklyn is terrible against BIGS.

You can pivot off of him to:  Jarret Allen – ($10,000), why, you ask? Simple, The Hornets are giving up damn near the same numbers to the 5! So to get off of the chalk, he’s a solid option imo.

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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