Off The Cuff – #NBA #FanDuel Starting 5

“Somebody gotta be filming this
When you got this much God somebody gotta be villainess
Somebody gotta be feeling like it’s prophecy filling in
We gotta be boss, somebody gotta be middle men
When you do it this big somebody gotta belittle it”

What’s hattnin my people! It’s time to switch it. Time to take OTC to the next level. Time to hop my crazy ass in the deep end, with NBA!

Nooooow before we get started, understand, this article is for those who, like myself, aren’t that great at full roster construction in NBA DFS. With the STARTING 5, we can simplify the construction and go for what you know a little bit EASIER! Plus, the STARTING 5 on FanDuel, way more fun to me.

So, Let’s get into it!

PG – Dejounte Murray – ($10,500)

Denver is one of the leagues worst teams against PGs…Well, for the past 5 games at least lol. Murray has been a lightning rod for the Spurs, ever since Parker said he’d come off the bench.  The Nuggets have given up 33pts/8reb/5.2ast the last 5 games, so for me…that says LOCK.

In a sneaky spot for tonight, I also like…

SG – Bogdan Bogdanovic – ($11,000)

I mean…Listen. I know It’s not a name that jumps off of the screen. But, the Mavs defense is terrible, has been all season. Pluuuuus they give up hella points against the 2. So why not get off all the chalk everywhere else, and get some low owned goodness.

For Value

SG – Alex Abrines – ($9,000)

Picking on the Cavs at the 2 has been a thing allllllllllll season. With the new blood rolling in, it may not be. But, as long as JR Smith starts, that’s a hole to exploit.

F – Giannis Antetokounmpo – ($16,500)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverybody know’s this young bull has been doing his thing. Tonight, he gets the Hawks. Why this spot is  a LOCK for me, is because “ABC” IS A MATCH-UP NIGHTMARE , going at one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Name 1 dude, who can match-up to Giannis…Don’t worry, I’ll wait…..

F – Jerami Grant – ($9,500)*

If Melo Sits* – Jerami stands to see some gooooood minutes. If Bron plays the 4, that works. Mainly because, Bron’s Defense is kinda meh lol.

But I also like

F – Paul George – ($15,000)

Regardless if Melo sits or Westy sits, George gets to pick on Osman, which is easy money seeing as the Cavs are awful against the 3.

C – Willy Cauley-Stein – ($12,500)

As I said above, the Mavs are terrible at that thing called defense. The last 5 games they’ve given up, 21pts/12.2rebs/3.8ast. Plus Willy made it known that he’s not going to be “nice” anymore. So he’s looking to rev up and mash everybody out he plays against.

C – Steve Adams – ($12,500)

Let’s call it for what it is, Tristan Thompson is SAAAAAAAWWWWFT. He can’t handle Adams. Cavs are complete shit against opposing Centers also. I kid of compare the Cavs bigs to the Brooklyn bigs, it’s a struggle fest.

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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