Off The Cuff – #NBA #FanDuel Starting 5

“Somebody gotta be filming this
When you got this much God somebody gotta be villainess
Somebody gotta be feeling like it’s prophecy filling in
We gotta be boss, somebody gotta be middle men
When you do it this big somebody gotta belittle it”

What’s hattnin my people! It’s time to switch it. Time to take OTC to the next level. Time to hop my crazy ass in the deep end, with NBA!

Nooooow before we get started, understand, this article is for those who, like myself, aren’t that great at full roster construction in NBA DFS. With the STARTING 5, we can simplify the construction and go for what you know a little bit EASIER! Plus, the STARTING 5 on FanDuel, way more fun to me.

So, Let’s get into it!

PG – Austin Rivers/Milos Teodosic – ($10,000/$8,000)

Brooklyn is one of the leagues worst teams against PGs. Austin isn’t terrible. He should actually roast Dinwiddie tonight. Plus rosterting Austin or Milos gives you a little salary relief to go get tonight’s studs.

In  sneaky spot for tonight, I also like…

PG – Ish Smith – ($11,000)

Detroit has been BALLIN’, mostly due to  a slept on core or as I like to call it, A ” Big 2 plus 1″ lmao. Ish is looking like a stud with Drummond and Blake down bottom in the 4 and the 5. The Pels are soft against both of those positions. SO…lots of assists and open look for Ish.

SG – Klay Thompson – ($11,500

2 guards against Phoenix has been “a thing” allllllll season. So Klay is a LOCK in my eyes. Don’t be on the wrong side of this game. Plus, it’s late exposure.

F – Ben Simmons – ($14,000)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverybody know this young bull has been doing his thing. Tonight, he gets the Knicks. Why this spot is  a LOCK for me, is because Simmons runs the point. Knicks have been TERRIBLE against PGs. Obvious mismatch against alllll of the Knicks PGs. Simmons might drop 100 FDPs tonight lol.

F – Blake Griffin – ($14,000)

Good God, if a spot ever screamed LOCK, it’s this one! I like this spot for him. The Pels are terrible against the 4 position as I mentioned above!

Past 5 games, they’ve given up, 21.8 pts/14.6r rebs/4.4 ast against opposing PFs. LOCK!!

But  I also like

DeMarre Carroll – ($10,500)

Love this match-up for Carroll. Clippers have STRUGGLED containing the 4 position. Carroll is on of the top rebounders for Brooklyn. This could work out lovely.

Honorable Mention to – TJ Warren – ($12,500) 

The Warriors have been giving it up lately against the 3 position. So, if you wanted to have late exposure, but wanted to pivot off of KD…Warren is your guy.

C – DeDandre Jordan – ($13,000)

This is a bone picking spot man lol.Nobody gives it up at against “BIGS”  more than Brooklyn.  It’s ” a thing”.

C – Jarrett Allen – ($11,000) 

Let’s keep it a stack,the Clips  give it up at the 5 too. Allen makes for yet another dope pivot off of the super expensive guys!

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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