NBA Savage GPP Plays 2/7/2018

What’s up everyone! Here’s a little bit of a different article that we haven’t released yet, so sit back and check out some plays that should be low owned and has some major upside. Here’s your first look Savage GPP plays!


Dejounte Murray (SA @ PHO) FD $5,500/DK $5,800

PHO has been hobbled with injuries lately which hasn’t helped their already bad defense. So we have the 5th fastest pace team in the league going against the slowest paced team in the league. I think that’s a reason that Murray will go over looked. Everyone sees SA on the game list and over looks them because there aren’t a ton of touches that happen as much as other teams but in this faster pace game against a terrible defense I see Murray being utilized a lot. We have seen him wit a low floor but he also has a ceiling of over 50 points and if you can get him at under 10% ownership with a 50 burger SIGN ME UP.

Ricky Rubio (UTA @ MEM) FD $7,600/DK $6,700

Man, where do we start here. Ricky Rubio has been HOT lately. He has been averaging 21 points a game in the last 5 games and 9.2 assists in that span also. Hes about averaging a double double in the last 5. Rubio is also priced fairly across the industry so why is he an elite GPP play you ask? Well, a lot of people are looking at the team he is facing and seeing it as a bad matchup… But the pick and rolls they are running and Rubio cutting the corners, hes going to be taking it to the house tonight. Not only that but the Grizzlies have only allowed an average of 37.5 fantasy points to PGs on the season (That looks bad for Rubio) BUT in their last 5 games the Grizzlies have allowed an average of 64.7 fantasy points to PGs! Their defense against PGs have trended down and Ricky’s offense has been trending up for an ELITE gpp spot.


Taj Gibson (MIN @ CLE) FD $6,100/DK $5,400

Last time Taj faced the Cavaliers he got 16 points and 13 boards with 37.3 fantasy points. Kicker is he was $100 more expensive in salary then. So for even more of a discount and just as good of a matchup if not better since the Cavs defense has been atrocious I LOVE Taj as a solid GPP option tonight. They Cavs on their last 10 games have allowed over 54 fantasy points to opposing power forwards. I am interested to see how the usage goes around tonight since pretty much all of the Timberwolves starting 5 are legit scorers. (ehh except Teague) I love Jimmy Butler tonight BUT I see him being highly owned and that’s why he isn’t making the list. I think Taj will get plenty of opportunities to get shots and rebounds though as he always finds himself under the rim at the right time.

Reggie Bullock (BKN @ DET) FD $4,700/DK $4,600

 Reggie I definitely a hit or miss kind of player. When he hits though you are glad to have him be in your lineup. in the games he is on you can easily see him get to 6-7xs value. He just recently had a 3 game 30 fantasy point stretch followed by two bad games. I think this is a prime matchup to take advantage of how Detroit plays Bullock though. He loves to pop out for open 3s just when Detroit needs them and if his shot is on I see 18-20 real points happening tonight for him not to mention he can get peripheral stats as well with rebounds and assist’s. He is priced very fairly to allow you to get up to some guys you want to as well so look to him for some value and to carry you up the board.


Tristan Thompson (MIN @ CLE) FD $4,500/DK $4,300

Minnesota hasn’t really been the team we want to attack with big specifically, but with Kevin Love out for Cleveland and Tristan being the starting center while averaging minutes in the upper 20s I see him easily crushing value tonight. The way that LeBron runs the floor is very useful for Thompson when Lebron isn’t being sloppy and he cant get away with that tonight if he wants to keep up with the Timberwolves. Look to him for some salary relief and a nice GPP play with his athleticism.

Rudy Gobert (UTA @ MEM) FD $7,400/DK $7,200

Mr Gobert is easy to look over tonight. On DK especially seeing a big red (2nd) next to his name will move people off as well. What that number doesn’t show though is that the Grizzlies have been giving up an average of almost 40 fantasy points in their last 5 games to the center position. Rudy Gobert is a value hitting fiend. he has done very well over the past month and has almost got to 50 fantasy points twice in the last couple weeks. This is definitely a game people will shy away from him because of his matchup with Gasol but I don’t think Gasol will be able to contain him especially with ho hot the Utah Jazz have been as a team.

That does is for some Savage GPP plays tonight. Good luck and make sure to join in our slack chat, cheat sheets, and optimizer Gold Membership for only $25 a month!


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