NBA Value Plays 1/31

Whats up fellas! I’m going to showcase a few of my favorite value plays on the slate for you.

Andrew Harrison (FD: $4,800) – This play hinges on if Mario Chalmers ($3,700) plays or not. If Chalmers plays I will likely not have any interest in Harrison due to his inflated price, but if Chalmers is out Harrison ($4,800) and Selden ($3,600) should see extended run against the Pacers. The other guys who make this particular situation interesting are Brooks ($4,300) and McLemore ($3,500) who are both questionable as well. This situation is worth keeping an eye on as there will potentially be a lot of minutes to go around. I will be reviewing the news we receive later in the slack so make sure to keep an eye on this situation moving closer to lock!

Jahlil Okafor (FD – $3,600) – I can’t lie, I really LOVE Okafor. I received a Sixers Okafor backpack a few years back and have always viewed him as one of my favorite players that I hoped would turn out to be good. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Tonight he has the revenge narrative with the Sixers visiting Brooklyn. Okafor has seen 23 and 24 minutes the past 2 games and has produced extremely well in those two outings (26.1 and 31.2 FDP). He has been seeing this extended run due to RHJ being sidelined and he should still be out due to a groin injury. I fully expect Okafor to be popular tonight and for good reason.

Frank Kaminsky (FD – $4,000) – Kaminsky is looking to be a popular plug tonight for many. Cody Zeller has been out, but now Marvin Williams has been ruled out as well. This should open up plenty of space at the 4 for Frank Kaminsky to play and he also won’t be cutting into Howard’s minutes as well. The Hawks historically struggle against big men and I believe a Kaminsky/Howard stack will be popular in cash games today.

Channing Frye (FD – $3,500) – With Kevin Love hurting his hand and big guys needed to step in to fill that void it is going to be important to hop on these discounts while we can. I believe Frye is the best way we can get exposure to that. Frye has size and can shoot the ball much better than Jeff Green can. I expect Frye to at least try to fill this void and Tristan Thompson ($4,200) to continue to see as much run as he can handle.

Celtics players – Kyrie Irving has been ruled out tonight and I wanted to break this into an entire category of its own because it deserves it. Marcus Smart will continue to be sidelined as well so it will be important to figure out where this production will come from. Larkin is listed as questionable so we will need to keep an eye on that moving closer to lock. The obvious beneficiary (and chalk) from all of this will be Terry Rozier ($5,100) and rightfully so. When Rozier has seen minutes he has consistently provided. Jaylen Brown ($5,700) should see a ton of run tonight including a usage bump. Jayson Tatum ($6,000) and his consistency do scare me, but no one will be cutting into his minutes tonight and he should see 30+ with ease. All of the Celtics should see a usage bump with Smart and Irving off the floor so keep monitoring this situation and check back with me in slack before lock!

Ed Davis ($4,900) – For some odd reason I feel like this pick will fly under the radar of many as Davis isn’t the most flashy name or player. Nurkic has seen a dip in his minutes lately and the guy that has been picking up those minutes has been Ed Davis. He has hit 25 FDP in 5 of his last 5 games and I do not see that slowing down tonight. He has seen anywhere from 20-27 minutes in this span as well. Aminu ($5,300) should fly under the radar today as well and makes a fantastic cash game player. Chicago has a weak front court and Aminu is really strong defensively so he could definitely get double digit rebounds and a few blocks and steals. His minutes have been secure at 26-34.


That does it for today’s article! Make sure to check into the slack closer to lock for some more finalized thoughts. Shoot me any questions on twitter @DFSClutchBoy and let’s cash tonight!

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