Where has @DFSClutchBoy been?

Good morning/afternoon fellow FanCavers,

First off I want to apologize for the recent inactivity coming from my end as of late. I wanted to address why life has me wrapped up at the moment, give you guys an update on when you can expect me back, and update you on our exciting plans for FanCave moving forward!

Thank you: 

To start this article, I want to say shout out to our wonderful team over @FanCaveDFS for keeping us so prominent and continuing to kill it night in and night out! Justin’s win the other night was HUGE and I know we have had some ginormous take downs in the slack as of late and I know we are going to continue to kill it even more! We have an excellent team of individuals that really pour their heart and passion into sports, DFS and betting and we couldn’t be happier with the results that have accumulated over the past few months.

My inactivity:

I will be the first to admit, I am not happy with the current activity that I have been putting into this site and want to assure you this is still completely where my passion lies. The last 2 months for me have been more busy than I ever could have imagined and the transition process through them has been challenging to say the least. As some of you know I was a college student when I first started this account and with that time came a lot easier. Also as some of you know I recently just graduated from VCU last month. These past few weeks I have been frantically searching for a full time job and I finally landed one…

The Job:

I started Monday! I am a full time data steward at a company called McKesson. I am just getting into the groove of things and am more to excited to start contributing more and more to the site and slack as the days go on.


I am so excited for everything that FanCave has and everything that is to come! We are working on some upcoming NASCAR content, and cannot wait for the MLB and WNBA season to get going. NBA has been killer and we look forward to continue to kill it for the remainder of the season. We’ve got big things coming!

Talk soon,


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