Off The Cuff – NFL Divisional Round #GoHard

“Ain’t no other motherfucker in the rap game harder than me
I go hard and get it in like a porn star
Follow my moves you wanna make it to the top, I’m on star
For new born stars”

Wild Card Round is doneski!!!!!!!

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Down to business…

Divisional Round … NFL … Let’s go to work …


Tom Brady – Going against an meh Titans 2ndary
Case Keenum – Going against a the solid yet attackable Saints 2ndary
Matt Ryan – – Going against the suspect Eagles 2ndary

All of the above are in great spots. Obviously, you can pair them with who you want.
I prefer WRs/TEs.

New England – Brady/Lewis/Amendola/Gronk – Defensively, the Titans will try to neutralize the Run. They’ve done a great job of it all season.  So they’ll try to stack and control the edge. We all know Brady loves dumping it to Lewis in the flat via bubble screens. Look for A LOT of that. Everybody will be on Cooks and Hogan, good spots, but I prefer Amendola and of course Gronk.

Vikings – Keenum/Thielen/Diggs/Murray – Showtime! Time to see if it’s all be a fluke for Keenum. He draws a true TEST. Saints have a stout defense, but, they are beatable. Out of all the match ups, I like Thielen. If and when the Vikes get to the red zone, give me Murray all day.

Falcons– Ryan/Sanu/Jones/Coleman – Eagles 2ndary is asstastic and and who better to dissect than Matty Ice? Freeman makes me nervous. I feel like he’s gonna get a concussion every time he runs the ball. So give me Coleman, with that receiving upside. Don Julio and Sanu are self explanatory. Also…..Ryan is from PA…little hometown narrative here.


Le’Veon Bell – The OBVIOUS chalk bomb.

Derrick Henry – OBVIOUS chalk pt2. He’sGoing against the meh Patriots Rush D. He SHOULD eat. He’s a fucking bully and the Pats front is SAWWWWWWWWFT!!

Leonard Fournette – You remember what he did to the Steelers last time? 30.9 FDPs. Needless to say, it won’t be that way again. But, he will see the Red Zone due to the Steelers suspect 2ndary.

Football 101 ladies and gents. No O-Line … No run game. No O-Line … No QB protection.No O-Line … No time for the QB to create and make the WRs look good.


SACKsonville will be all over big Ben

If you want to look in another spot…

Look at the Saints D


Welcome to the back alley…Welcome to the tar pits…Welcome to the crime scene…

Let’s get into my picks for a little #CriminalOwnership !!

Alvin Kamara – Everybody will be scared off of him due to Minny being 2nd against the run! Kiss my ass with that shit. Sometimes, the skill of the QB supersedes the “numbers”. Brees will find a way to carve up Minny.

Blake Bortles – He’s “trash”. LMAO. I’ll have my shares!Steelers 2ndary is asssssssssssssssssssss.

Now let’s go kill this fucking slate!!

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I’m Out!

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