Off The Cuff – FD NBA Starting 5 Edition

“Somebody gotta be filming this
When you got this much God somebody gotta be villainess
Somebody gotta be feeling like it’s prophecy filling in
We gotta be boss, somebody gotta be middle men
When you do it this big somebody gotta belittle it”

What’s hattnin my people! It’s time to switch it. Time to take OTC to the next level. Time to hop my crazy ass in the deep end, with NBA!

Nooooow before we get started, understand, this article is for those who, like myself, aren’t that great at full roster construction in NBA DFS. With the STARTING 5, we can simplify the construction and go for what you know a little bit EASIER! Plus, the STARTING 5 on FanDuel, way more fun to me.

So, Let’s get into it!

Kemba Walker ($12,000) – So apparently, Kemba at home is “a thing”. Stack that on top of the fact that the Mavericks defense is pretty awful. Every time I roster a PG against the Mavs, they eat. SOOOOOOOO…to me,  Kemba is a go!

Kriss Dunn ($11,500) – Let’s keep it a stack my guys and girls…The Knicks are kind of terrible at Basketball lol. With Jack at the point, that means NO DEFENSE. Dunn is legit! Plus, the Bulls always get up for games with the Knicks! I’m plugging him in, in my PG 2 slot and forgetting about it!

Ersan Ilyasova ($9000) – My man put up 35.7 FDP’s last time these 2 teams met up. So yea, I’m going back to the well for what I hope will be a repeat performance!

Kevin Durant ($14,000) – THE OBVIOUS CHALK BOMB OF THE NIGHT. No Klay, No Steph, time to show your worth KD! I don’t need bunch of numbers to support this shit. Ya’ll allllready know what it is!

Enes Kanter ($9,000) – EVERYBODY and their mama’s will be on Boogie tonight, so why not pivot off him to get a better edge? I just like the match up. I think he’ll be looooower owned too due to folks chasing the chalk, and let’s remember…Centers vs the Bulls, is “a thing”.

That’s it… Simple and eaaaasy! Go out there and kill this slate!

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