NBA Plays of the Day – 1/5

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s names.
  3. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.

• Point Guard

Goran Dragic – 16/4/4 [ $6,800 / $6,600 ] Goran Dragic has been great in his last 2 matches, going for 48.8 and 46.5 FanDuel point efforts, respectively, while scoring 24+ points per game over 36+ minutes. Tonight, Dragic will get the New York Knicks, who are the 2nd worst team against opposing point guards this season. Miami remains short handed, meaning more minutes and usage.

Ish Smith – 9/3/2 [ $6,100 / $5,800 ] Ish Smith continues to see solid, steady minutes, due to the injury to Reggie Jackson, and has played 30+ minutes in now 3 consecutive outings. Although Philadelphia owns the 7th ranked defense, they have been torched by opposing guards all year, and Smith is a very capable player. This game holds a revenge narrative to it, which could be huge.

Dennis Smith Jr. – 13/4/4 [ $5,900 / $6,300 ] Dennis Smith Jr. has played well over the Mavericks’ last 3 contests, reaching value over the last 2 matchups, as well as a triple double against the Pelicans, fueled by 21/10/10. DSJ has seen good time as of late, with 29+ minutes played in 3 of the previous 4 meetings. Chicago is the worst team versus point guards in the prior 10 games.

• Shooting Guard

Tyreke Evans – 19/4/5 [ $8,400 / $8,000 ] Tyreke Evans has been one of the most consistent players in the league, putting up 41.1+ FanDuel points in 6 of his past 7 matches. Evans’ flourishing game has been very encouraging, catapulting him to Most Improved front runner, and has expanded his overall output. Washington has limited guards well, but his price is just too low.

Khris Middleton – 20/4/5 [ $7,200 / $7,000 ] Khris Middleton remains a safe, solid play, who has plenty of upside, while staying at an affordable price range. Last game versus the Raptors, Middleton saw 43 minutes of action, to which he scored 18 points, pulled in 3 rebounds, dished 2 assists, and had 3 steals plus a block. With Giannis and Bledsoe playing, he’s often overlooked.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 13/2/5 [ $5,500 / $5,700 ] Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has been all over the place this season, but tonight’s meeting with Charlotte offers a lot, as they have been dreadful versus opposing shooting guards. With Lonzo probable, things should flow a little bit smoother for the Lakers, including him. Has put up 24.2+ FanDuel points in his past 3 outings.

• Small Forward

Kawhi Leonard – 15/2/4 [ $8,100 / $7,600 ] Kawhi Leonard is just way too cheap, especially since he’s been seeing roughly 30 minutes per game, and is in an excellent matchup. Phoenix plays at the league’s 3rd fastest pace and turns the ball over an average of 15.9 times per game. Simply put, he’s in a smash spot against a Suns team who places in the bottom 2 defensively.

Robert Covington – 13/1/6 [ $6,000 / $5,600 ] At a mid tier price, Robert Covington serves a “3 and D” role, which has plenty of advantages, although he hasn’t played too well as of late. Tonight’s meeting with the Pistons could be a bounce back type game for him, as they have had trouble with opposing small forwards. He’s definitely more of gpp play, as he hasn’t been consistent.

Jaylen Brown – 14/1/5 [ $5,800 / $5,700 ] While Taurean Prince costs the same as Jaylen Brown, on both sites, I like this scenario a little bit more. This game should have a decent tempo to it, with stars on both sides, and Brown has been good over the last 2 contests, putting up solid efforts, while playing 29+ minutes. The Timberwolves allow the highest field goal percentage – 47.9%.

• Power Forward

LaMarcus Aldridge – 22/8/1 [ $8,700 / $8,200 ] LaMarcus Aldridge could be in line to see rest, but if he plays, as expected, he’s in a fantastic spot against Phoenix. The Suns allow 48.7 points in the paint per game and own the 29th ranked defense among the league, opening up Aldridge’s game even further. Went for 42.8 FanDuel points versus them last time, however, Kawhi was out.

Serge Ibaka – 13/6/1 [ $5,900 / $5,500 ] Since returning from his suspension, Serge Ibaka has been a solid roster, and put up a 39.6 effort against tonight’s matchup, the Bucks. During his 2 games back, Ibaka has a total of 7 blocks and 2 steals, while grabbing 7+ rebounds and scoring in double figures. Milwaukee’s rebounding woes and paint trouble only add to his nice price.

John Collins – 11/7/1 [ $5,500 / $5,100 ] John Collins has consistently proven to be a valuable factor for the Hawks, despite his 25 or less minutes played per game. Portland is by far the worst team at defending against opposing power forwards over their last 5 matches, allowing Collins some leverage to continue his hot play. Scored 26.8 FanDuel points last meeting in 25 minutes.

• Center

Marc Gasol – 18/8/1 [ $8,200 / $7,500 ] Marc Gasol has struggled recently, but a meeting with the Wizards could be what gets him back on track, as they have been average at best defending in the paint and rebounding. Gasol’s all around play style separates him from most bigs, especially when he’s on. Put up 15/10/1 in their prior game, in a somewhat off performance.

Jusuf Nurkic – 14/7/1 [ $7,500 / $7,300 ] Jusuf Nurkic is playing solid offensively lately, with 41.9+ FanDuel points in 3 of his last 4 outings. Atlanta continues to be dominated on the boards, ranking 28th in rebounding percentage and 30th in defensive rebounding percentage, while also owning the 27th worst defense. Had 35.2 FanDuel points last matchup in his low court time.

Al Horford – 13/7/1 [ $7,000 / $7,400 ] Al Horford is probably my favorite center play, tonight, as he remains a decently cheap option in a game that should be rather competitive. Horford has solid upside against Karl-Anthony Towns, who holds a 107.1 defensive rating, and Minnesota allows 45.4 points in the paint per game. Timberwolves place 23rd in team defensive rating.

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