Off The Cuff – Wild Card Week – #Heaven

“Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati
They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body
He’s 6’2″, how the fuck he fit in a new Bugatti?
Aw, fuck it, you got me”

Regular season is doneski!!!!!!!

What a fucking season. Thank all of you who have been reading and sharing faithfully. If it weren’t for you guys and gals, I probably would have folded up shop a long time ago.

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Down to business…

Playoffs … NFL … Let’s go to work …


Drew Brees – Going against an overrated Panthers 2ndary
Jared Goff – Going against a meh Falcons 2ndary
Matt Ryan –  – Going against the suspect Rams 2ndary

All of the above are in great spots. Obviously, you can pair them with who you want.
I prefer WRs/TEs.

New Orleans – Brees/Kamara/Ingram/Ginn –  Defensively,  the Panthers will try to neutralize the Run. So they’ll try to stack and control the edge. In doing that, the Nickel coverage will be COMPLETE SHIT. Enter Mr. Ginn. Plus it’s a revenge game for Ginn. Kamara will get passes in the flat and will EAT. Ingram will get that 20 yards out love.

Rams – Goff/Gurley/Kupp/Watkins – Goff has been on 1 all season man. Don’t let up off of him just yet. Love Kupp this week. I think the Falcons will try to jam Gurley. FADE HIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Kupp is Goffs guy and will get the looks. I think Woods will be locked up, which frees up Sammy.

Falcons– Ryan/Sanu/Jones/Freeman – Rams 2ndary has some holes in it and and who better to dissect than Matty Ice? Freeman makes me nervous. I feel like he’s gonna get a concussion every time he runs the ball. But,  I like these match ups, even tho most will be off of them. Hell,  might even get some Falcons to carry the #CriminalOwnership flag this week!


Fournette – We all know Buffalo SUCKS against the run, and Fournette’s style is built to bully! He has a message to send this week. He’ll be running angry.

Alvin Kamara – The young bull is beeeeeasting! So damn versatile. I can see him carving up the Falcons. Paring him with Mr. Ingram is not out of the question either as I said in my cheat sheets all season long

Derrick Henry – Going against the meh Chiefs Rush D. He SHOULD eat. He’s a fucking bully and the Chiefs front is SAWWWWWWWWFT!!

Football 101 ladies and gents. No O-Line … No run game. No O-Line … No QB protection.No O-Line … No time for the QB to create and make the WRs look good.


Regardless of being punched in the mouth by Jimmy G, I still love them this week.

If you want to look in other spots…

Look at the Saints and Rams D


Welcome to the back alley…Welcome to the tar pits…Welcome to the crime scene…

Let’s get into my picks for a little #CriminalOwnership !!

Christian McCaffrey – Won’t have him everywhere. With Cam banged up, the Saint’s will look to kill Caff. But, I see him dropping 13 -15 FDPs. Going to be keeping my eye on J-Stew too. The D prep for the Saints will be to stop Caff, so J-Stew could pop up and shock everybody kill every bodies lineup.

Blake Bortles – He’s “trash”. LMAO. I’ll have my shares!

Kareem Hunt – Just because on FD, it says the Titans are 4th against the Run, people will read this shit and not pick Hunt. Just remember, you can pass on the Titans. So when they get in the Red Zone, you’re gonna miss out.

Now let’s go kill this fucking slate!!

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I’m Out!

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