Top 3 Christmas Matchups To Watch For

With Christmas coming tomorrow, we have a lot to look forward to, and oh boy, I cannot wait. Whether it be spending time with loved ones and enjoying the holiday, or getting that gift you’ve always wanted, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Along with being with family, my favorite thing about the 25th is the barrage of NBA games that we’ll be able to watch, and this year’s schedule is truly exciting. However, I think there are a few key matchups that will really make the day even more special, and as a basketball fan, I couldn’t hope for anything more… well maybe that Steph Curry would be playing, tomorrow. Merry Christmas, everybody!

12:00 PM – Philadelphia @ New York

– Joel Embiid vs. Kristaps Porzingis

This is probably my favorite matchup out of the 3, as it features Joel “The Process” Embiid, and the 7’3″ unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis. These 2 players have brought hope to their respective teams, and they’re extremely fun to watch play, with their expanded games. While the Sixers are skidding, dropping 9 of their last 10, they’re a very capable squad, full of crafty, talented players, highlighted by none other than Embiid. On the other side, the Knicks have been fairly decent this year, sitting at the 8th seed, with a 17-15 record, not too bad given they no longer have Carmelo Anthony. I think this game will be very competitive, filled with flavor, and both big men will put on a show in Madison Square Garden for Christmas.

3:00 PM – Cleveland @ Golden State

– LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

After 3 straight Finals matchups, this meeting between the Cavs and Warriors is a must watch, but on Christmas it gets just that much better. Unfortunately, Steph Curry is ruled out for this meeting, meaning, Kevin Durant will need to carry the burden of the offensive load, as he has, asserting his will on opposing teams, getting his and more, just about every game. The other guy, LeBron James, comes bearing gifts, as his all around dominance has shifted the Cavs slow start into an impressive 24-9 record. All we can hope is to see these 2 duke it out, just like the old days – like we’ve seen countless times before, and I’d expect nothing less.

8:00 PM – Houston @ Oklahoma City

– James Harden vs. Russell Westbrook

Last, but certainly not in anyway least, old teammates face off in an epic matchup, with each one willing and able to drop a triple double on the other. James Harden, could be without his deadly duo in Chris Paul, and if that’s the case, he will see even more ball handling duties, as well as a solid boost in usage, to which he’d greatly take advantage of. In the other corner, we have Russell Westbrook – Mr. Triple Double, who has lived up to the hype of this matchup several times last season, and has been up to his old tricks, even with new teammates. My Christmas wish is that we will see 1, or possibly 2, stocking stuffed stat sheets, here in tonight’s battle.

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