NBA Plays of the Day – 12/21

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.
  3. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s names.

• Point Guard

Kyle Lowry – 15/7/6 [ $8,500 / $8,600 ] Kyle Lowry has been up and down recently, but tonight’s matchup with the Philadelphia Sixers, who could potentially be without Joel Embiid, is a solid spot for him to get things right. The Sixers’ inability to check opposing guards, as well as their extremely fast pace – ranked 3rd in the league, and skidding defense, make Lowry a nice play.

Kris Dunn – 13/5/4 [ $7,800 / $7,300 ] Kris Dunn may be in one of the better spots on tonight’s slate, as he and the Chicago Bulls take on the Cavaliers, who own an awful team defense of 108.3, which ranks 28th among the league. Dunn’s strong recent play is an encouraging sign, as he has put up 31.5+ FanDuel points in 7 of his last 8 outings, and has the ability to fill the stat sheet.

Mario Chalmers – 7/3/2 [ $3,600 / $4,300 ] This play is a little more riskier than some of the others, but Mario Chalmers is extremely cheap, especially on FanDuel, and has played 25+ minutes in each of his last 3 games. Chalmers will also see the terrible defense of the Phoenix Suns, who rank 29th in the league with a 108.6 team defense, and play at the 2nd fastest pace.

• Shooting Guard

DeMar DeRozan – 24/5/4 [ $8,800 / $8,800 ] DeMar DeRozan has been phenomenal in 7 of his last 10 matches, putting up 41.1+ FanDuel Points, while achieving 20+ points in all, but 1 of those games. I like this spot a lot for DeRozan, as he will see a nice pace up situation and Philadelphia has struggled all season against guards – my only real concern is that he may see Covington.

Tyreke Evans – 18/4/4 [ $7,800 / $7,600 ] With Mike Conley still out, Tyreke Evans is the go to guy on this Grizzlies squad, and in a meeting versus Phoenix, things don’t get much better than this. Evans’ insane 27.2% usage, along with the major boost in pace they will see in this game, make him an incredibly intriguing option that should have little to no problem of reaching his value.

Justin Holiday – 13/2/4 [ $4,900 / $5,600 ] Justin Holiday is yet another cheap play, on FanDuel, and is an excellent spot against Cleveland, and while he is inexpensive he does see anywhere from the low 20s to high 30s in minutes. I expect the Cavaliers to give up a lot of points, as they have for the better part of the season, and Holiday is one of the better scorers on this Bulls team.

• Small Forward

LeBron James – 28/9/8 [ $12,300 / $11,900 ] This play really needs no explanation, if you have the salary, as Chicago possesses a team defense of 106.5 – 20th in the league, and now has no one who can even somewhat slow LeBron James. In his last 19 games, LeBron has put up 52.4+ FanDuel in 16 of those contests; though the Bulls are red hot, there is still chance of a blowout.

Jaylen Brown – 14/1/5 [ $5,700 / $5,500 ] As I’m writing this, Jaylen Brown is questionable to play, however, if he is a go for tonight, he is a very solid play against a Knicks team who has had trouble against opposing shooting guards. Brown’s play has been huge for the Celtics this season, and though he doesn’t have an immense usage, he still manages to get his in every game.

Courtney Lee – 13/2/3 [ $5,500 / $5,400 ] With Tim Hardaway Jr. remaining out, Courtney Lee gets a huge bump, as he has, and continues to be putting up solid numbers, sans the games versus Atlanta and Charlotte. While the Celtics are a defensive juggernaut, Lee plays around 25 to 35 minutes per game and has seen a nice boost in usage during Hardaway’s long absence.

• Power Forward

Ben Simmons – 17/7/9 [ $9,800 / $9,500 ] If Joel Embiid sits, as he isn’t expected to play, Ben Simmons overall value would skyrocket in tonight’s game versus the Toronto Raptors, making him a difficult fade. Simmons has put up 45.9+ FanDuel points in his last 3 games, with 1 triple double and 2 near triple doubles, and should see plenty of usage should the big man be out.

Kristaps Porzingis – 25/6/2 [ $9,500 / $8,900 ] Kristaps Porzingis has been sidelined the last 2 games, but all indications point to him being able to play in tonight’s matchup with the Celtics. Though Porzingis wouldn’t be my first choice, as he may not be 100% healthy yet, and is facing the best defense in the league, he does have an incredible 33.8% usage and is at home, tonight.

Serge Ibaka – 14/5/1 [ $6,400 / $5,900 ] Serge Ibaka has been great in his previous 4 outings, putting up 31.6+ FanDuel points in all contests, and gets a Sixers front court who has struggled mightily without Embiid. Ibaka’ recent consistent play is a bright spot, as it looked like he was declining a bit, earlier; tonight’s game offers a ton of pace and the Sixers love to attack the paint.

• Center

Marc Gasol – 19/8/1 [ $8,300 / $8,200 ] Tonight, Marc Gasol gets the horrible defense of the Suns, and should have no problems in the paint, as Phoenix gives up an average of 48.5 points in the paint per game – ranked 28th in the league. While they do rebound fairly well, the Suns aren’t exactly playing their best every night, and have no one to stop Gasol’s complete game.

Kevin Love – 19/10 [ $8,000 / $8,300 ] Kevin Love has been pretty good as of late, putting up 37.8+ FanDuel points in 3 of his last 5 games, with double double efforts in a similar 3 outings. The Bulls rebounding is actually very good, but they do give up a solid amount of points in the paint, at 44.5 per game, and Love is in a good spot against a defensively poor team, like Chicago.

Al Horford – 14/7 [ $7,600 / $7,200 ] Out of the 3 centers mentioned, Al Horford is probably my least favorite play, but that isn’t because he’s not a solid play, it’s just that he isn’t in as much as a favorable position, tonight, as Gasol or Love are. However, Horford does have a certain all around game that provides safety, and the New York Knicks haven’t rebounded well, this year.

Extras: Irving, Wade, Covington, Aldridge, Holmes.

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