Off The Cuff – Week 15 – #NutShell

“The undefeated, unblemished, underrated
Unfiltered, unafraid, unaffected
Undaunted, unabashed, the undeniable
Untouchable, unstoppable, unusual
Underdog, unsurpassed, unyielding
Unsupportive, fuck you and your feelings
Unrelenting, unscathed, uncontrollable
Unpleasant one, problem with me? Feelin’ is mutual”

Week 14 was incredible.

The @FanCaveDFS team had a decent week. Everybody cashed in all formats. Cheat sheets were poppin! We’re looking to keep this momentum up!

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Down to business…

WEEK 15 … NFL … Let’s go to work …


Drew Brees – Going against the meh Jets 2ndary
Jared Goff – Going against a soft Seahawks 2ndary
Big Ben – Going against the suspect Patriots 2ndary

All of the above are in great spots. Obviously, you can pair them with who you want.
I prefer WRs/TEs.

Saints – Brees/Kamara/Ingram/Thomas – Sometimes the talent of the QB superceeds the talent of the Defense. I lowkey like the Jets Defense, but they stand no chance this week. The run attack is whole again ,plus, NO WILKERSON. We all know what happens when the run game is open, you can pass the ball. HAVE EXPOSURE. *Keep an eye on Ted Ginn, I love his speed vs this flatfooted defense.

Rams – Goff/Watkins/Kupp/Woods – Tasty spot for these fellas. Seahawks 2ndary is meh. Let’s keep it real, shall we? Goff is playing lights out and has a great eye. I think the Seahawks are going to get carved up. I like the strength of the Rams O-Line vs the Seahawks front. *Seeing as the Rams do give up yards against the run and pass, I’m not opposed to a “Naked” Russell Wilson.

Steelers – Ben/Bell/JuJu/Bryant – We all know BelliTroll loves to take away the main weapon. So I’m not touting AB although he could eat. More importantly, Pats are trash against slot receivers, which is where JuJu plays A LOT.



Kenyan Drake – We all know Buffalo SUCKS against the run, and Drake’s style is built to bully!
Alvin Kamara – The young bull is beeeeeasting! So damn versatile. I can see him carving up the Jets . Paring him with Mr. Ingram is not out of the question either as I said in my cheat sheets.

Jay Ajayi – Going against the meh Giants Rush D. I think he’ll see the bulk of work. But, be cautious of vulturing.
All these bruiser’s are in fantastic spots. Safe options for cash or GPP. People will be over thinking yet again!. Not me…I go where the O-Line will feast on the opposing D-Line. Which leads me to …

Football 101 ladies and gents. No O-Line … No run game. No O-Line … No QB protection.No O-Line … No time for the QB to create and make the WRs look good.



if you don’t want them against the Broncos…
Go Vikings vs Cincy or Saints vs Jets


Welcome to the back alley…Welcome to the tar pits…Welcome to the crime scene…

Let’s get into my picks for a little #CriminalOwnership !!

Eli Manning – Against a busted up Eagles 2ndary

Samaje Perine – Opposite of the Cardinals, who are decent against the run, but have 0 to play for lol. I like his style. I think he’ll put up 15-20 FDPs.

Alex Collins – Dude is ballin. I’ve been on him a lot this year. For some reason evvverybody avoids him.

Now let’s go kill this fucking slate!!

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I’m Out!

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