NBA Plays of the Day – 12/6

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed, respectively.
  3. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s names.

• Point Guard

Kyrie Irving – 23/5/3 [ $8,900 / $8,500 ] Kyrie Irving has had the hot hand all season, shooting a career high 48.7% from the field, but as of late, he’s been even better, connecting on over 50% in 8 of his last 9 games. Irving’s individual matchup versus Dennis Smith Jr. has proved to be very exploitable, as Smith’s 112.1 defensive rating, as well as Dallas’ awful collective defense, allowed him to put up a 59.6 FanDuel outing, earlier. Keep in mind, these teams rank 24th and 25th in pace, so this game will be slow.

Dennis Schroder – 20/6/2 [ $8,100 / $8,200 ] Dennis Schroder has been consistent all season long, only failing to score under 30 FanDuel points 5 times this season in games that he has played in. Tonight, Schroder gets a matchup with Elfrid Payton, who possesses a horrendous 114.1 defensive rating, giving the him plenty to work with, along with his team high 30.0% usage. However, if you wanted to, pivoting to Payton would be fine too, as Schroder isn’t any better, owning a 114.0 defensive rating.

Austin Rivers – 14/3/2 [ $6,200 / $6,100 ] Since Patrick Beverley and Milos Teodosic have been out, Austin Rivers has seen major court time, playing 31+ minutes in 14 of his last 15 outings. In this last meeting between the Clippers and Timberwolves, Rivers posted a solid outing of 30/5/5 in 35 minutes of action, further solidifying himself into more than just a role player on a bad team. This game should entail similar things for him, as Minnesota’s 108.0 team defense hasn’t been too tough all year.

Rajon Rondo – 6/7/3 [ $6,000 / $5,500 ] Rajon Rondo has been phenomenal over his last 3 matches, putting up double doubles in all outings and at least 36.2 FanDuel Points. While this is a bit of a pace down situation, as Denver ranks 13th and New Orleans rank 7th, Rondo’s matchup with Murray shouldn’t halt much progress and as a team, the Nuggets place 21st with 107.2 team defense, just behind the Pelicans. His true value relies on his overall game and all signs point to yet another solid night.

• Shooting Guard

Lou Williams – 18/4/2 [ $8,000 / $7,100 ] The injury to Blake Griffin pushed Lou Williams into a major point production role, one that he was already very capable of playing, but has been gradually elevated in it. Williams’ 27.2% usage, factored in with the Timberwolves’ defensive woes, to which he already took advantage of in their last meeting, with a 40 FanDuel point night, looks to be a very ideal situation. This game has 5X value written all over it, again, as Teague and Wiggins can’t defend much.

Will Barton – 15/2/5 [ $7,500 / $6,900 ] With Nikola Jokic and Paul Millsap out, Will Barton has seen extended time on the floor and he seems to be very comfortable in this system. In his last 3 contests, Barton has put up 49.9, 36.2, and 44.6 FanDuel point efforts, respectively, and played a minimum of 28 minutes in all such games. These 2 teams being so similar in ability and play style could greatly benefit him in tonight’s match and I have little to no doubts that he can outperform his price tag in this one.

Klay Thompson – 20/2/4 [ $6,900 / $7,400 ] Klay Thompson is in line for a much bigger role due to Curry’s ankle injury, which will have him sidelined for about 2 weeks, to which he will then be re-evaluated. Thompson has achieved 30+ FanDuel points in 6 of his last 7 games and with Curry out, he should begin to see a solid increase to his 23.3% usage, while being relied on for more point production. This game should favor him, nicely, as Charlotte has had a difficult time defending opposing guards.

Dwyane Wade – 11/3/3 [ $6,200 / $5,800 ] Dwyane Wade has been huge for the Cavaliers, as of late, and tonight’s matchup with Sacramento gives him everything and more to continue his hot trend. The Kings have been awful defensively this season, boasting a 109.4 team defense – 29th in the league, and with Wade coming off the bench, there are no real concerns about his playtime if this game gets out of hand. Though his price looks a bit steep, he has put up 31.3+ FanDuel points in his last 4 games.

• Small Forward

Kevin Durant – 24/4/6 [ $10,000 / $10,100 ] This is a smash spot for Kevin Durant, with Steph Curry out and a meeting with the Hornets, who have been very bad against small forwards this year. Durant’s full arsenal and ability to score at will should be very evident, tonight, if this game can stay somewhat competitive for a good portion. Like Thompson, he is in line for a steady influx to his already immense 28.8% usage and he will undoubtedly be the number one option on this juggernaut of a team.

Rudy Gay – 12/1/5 [ $6,200 / $5,200 ] With Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Anderson out, Rudy Gay sees himself inserted into the starting lineup, along with a bump in minutes and usage. Last game, Gay saw 31 minutes of action, being the first time all season that he played over 30 minutes and he performed well, posting a stat line of 12/4/10 with 2 blocks. Currently, he is listed as probable to play, with a sore right heel, but that shouldn’t stray you from potential ownership, as he looks to be a full go.

Jaylen Brown – 14/1/5 [ $5,600 / $5,700 ] Jaylen Brown has had a bit of an up and down season, after an impressive start, but gets a solid opportunity against Dallas, tonight. Brown played well in the previous meeting, putting up 22 points and 9 rebounds in 37 minutes of play, to which is very repeatable against a subpar Mavericks squad. He should see either Wesley Matthews or Harrison Barnes, who own 113.5 and 111.4 defensive ratings, which are both very appealing matchups for a mid tier price.

Courtney Lee – 12/2/3 [ $5,200 / $5,200 ] The unfortunate injury to Tim Hardaway Jr., which will have him sidelined for about 2 weeks, opens up plenty of opportunity for Courtney Lee. Overall, Lee has been rather consistent this season and is a relatively safe option at cheap price, on both sites, making way for studs elsewhere, while offering solid production. This matchup versus the Memphis Grizzlies is better than it looks, as Memphis has been beatable defensively this year, with a 104.3 team defense.

• Power Forward

LaMarcus Aldridge – 22/8/1 [ $8,300 / $8,100 ] Going back to the well here with LaMarcus Aldridge, who has been fantastic in Leonard’s absence, as the driving force of this great team in San Antonio. Miami’s slacking 48.6 rebounding percentage, 23rd in the league, as well as the 44.3 points they allow in the paint to opponents per game, make Aldridge a solid play. While this game looks likely to take a defensive stand, with the Spurs 2nd and Heat 15th, it could also be a blowout – I’d play him with caution.

Draymond Green – 10/7/1 [ $8,200 / $7,900 ] As mentioned above, Steph Curry’s injury opens a lot of windows for many players on this Golden State team, one being Draymond Green. This will give Green more scoring opportunities and increase his usage of 15.8%, as he will be more relied on with his great ball handling and passing abilities. Though this isn’t an ideal spot for him, as Charlotte is top 2 and 3 in defensive rebounding and defensive rebounding percentage, respectively, opportunity is there.

Jayson Tatum – 13/5 [ $5,800 / $5,800 ] Jayson Tatum has had a phenomenal start to his rookie campaign, shooting lights out numbers of 51.1% from the field and 51.3% from three. Tatum’s hot start has been a huge boost in wake of Gordon Hayward’s season ending injury and he looks poised to continue in his expanded role and decent usage of 17.7%. This is an excellent spot for him, as he’ll probably see Harrison Barnes on defense, to which he proved wasn’t worrisome, with 15/9 in the last meeting.

Taj Gibson – 11/8 [ $5,700 / $6,200 ] Taj Gibson has given Minnesota great minutes this year, especially as of late, where he has played at least 36 minutes or more in his last 8 outings. Last game against the Clippers, Gibson played well, posting a solid 20 point, 11 rebound double double across 39 minutes of game time. This time around, like last time, I don’t expect much difference, as he has the ability to grab boards and bully in the paint, but his lack of blocks, lately, has been a bit disappointing.

• Center

DeMarcus Cousins – 25/12/1 [ $11,300 / $11,300 ] With Anthony Davis listed as doubtful, tonight, with a groin injury, DeMarcus Cousins sees a huge boost against a Denver team without Millsap or Jokic to stop him. Cousins’ ability to stuff the stat sheet in every category imaginable, instantly makes him a great play and this game should be rather competitive. If Davis is somehow able to play, he would see a hit in potential usage and production, but would still be a very solid play against the Nuggets.

Andre Drummond – 14/15/1 [ $9,500 / $9,100 ] Though Andre Drummond has been decent at best in the 2 meetings with Milwaukee this season, playing an average of 28 minutes per game, he still warrants some exposure. Drummond’s newfound all around game, along with his progressing free throw percentage, have allowed him to give the Pistons more minutes, while expanding his game. His ability to grab double doubles and the Bucks struggles on the glass and against bigs, certainly help out.

Marc Gasol – 18/8/1 [ $8,500 / $8,000 ] Marc Gasol has been solid all season and has flashed his ceiling once already this year, with a 71.1 FanDuel point game of 35/13/5 with 5 assists, against the Indiana Pacers. Tonight’s matchup with the Knicks is good, but not great for Gasol, as the Knicks don’t give up many points in the paint and rebound fairly well. However, if he can get on Enes Kanter a few times, who holds a 108.7 defensive rating, he could put together a per usual, nice night for himself.

DeAndre Jordan – 10/13/1 [ $7,600 / $6,900 ] While DeAndre Jordan hasn’t been the defensive beast we’ve known him to be and his numbers have fallen a bit with Chris Paul gone, he’s still capable of big games. Last meeting with the Timberwolves, Jordan had a solid outing, posting 17/12 with 2 blocks, against the woeful defense of Karl-Anthony Towns. I like him a lot again, tonight, as Towns’ 108.8 defensive rating make him an easy target in a matchup that should stay rather close, for the better part of it.

Extras: Collison, Evans, James, Faried, Horford.

– Jonathan Simmons is also in a great spot, tonight.

– Jaylen Brown listed out with an injury – don’t play.

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