#CriminalOwnership – NFL – Week 14


What’s hattnin captain’s?
It’s your man Johhny Espizito, here to clue you in on my exclusive Week 14 NFL #CriminalOwnership plays. You know the shit, if you’re like me, you play A LOT of GPP’s and #CriminalOwnership gives you an edge to taking down big money! It’s a separator. The less people playing a certain player that goes off, the better.

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Enough yappin, let’s get into it.

Jimmy G
Screenshot 2017 12 05 12 28 55 1

Say what you will, but I think the 9ers have found their QB of the future. I think folks will be so busy looking in other spots, and sleeping on the WR talent the 9ers have this week. Let’s be real, DFS players go for name recognition over great match ups. To me, this spot is riiiiipe and ready for the plucking. *Goodwin seems to be Jimmy G’s favorite target. He’ll definitely be low owned too.

Lamar Miller
Screenshot 2017 12 05 16 13 59 1

IDKY, but I just feel like people think Miller just sucks. No, he doesn’t. Told you guys ad gals before, the O-Line must do their job to help the RB create. Ever since the Watson injury, the Texans O-Line has been playing uninspired football. This week, is a stock value week. Always is. Folks are going to be playing like maniacs to make cases for why they should be on the roster next season. Enter Lamar Miller.

Tavarres King
Screenshot 2017 12 05 16 39 21 1

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I’m a die hard Cowboys fan, and to write up any Giant’s player is just sickening! But I digress. Somehow someway, Eli just always happens to find this guy lol. Yea we know about all the Giant;s injuries, but King always frikkin scores. NOOOOOOOOOBODY will be on him. So this just might fall under suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper #CriminalOwnership.

Annnnnnnd Batting Clean Up AGAIN for #CriminalOwnership …

Jake Rudock
Screenshot 2017 12 05 12 21 46 1

First and foremost, FOREVER #GoBlue !! 2ndly, we all know Stafford’s hand is baaaaaanged up. His throwing hand at that. So look for Jake to take the bull by the horns and PLAY. Oh…and he’s from Florida. Playing against Tampa Bay. Home narrative bitches! You know players go absolutely crazy when playing in front of family. ASK JIMMY G!!!

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