Off The Cuff – Week 13 – #LostOne

“Some wan’ play young Lauryn like she dumb
But remember not a game new under the sun
Everything you did has already been done
I know all the tricks from Bricks to Kingston
My ting done made your kingdom wan’ run.”


Week 12 was incredible.

The @FanCaveDFS team had a decent week. Everybody cashed in all formats. Cheat sheets were poppin! We’re looking to keep this momentum up!
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Down to business…

WEEK 13 … NFL … Let’s go to work …


Carson Wentz – Going against the hobbled Seahawks 2ndary
Russell Wilson – Going against a soft Eagles 2ndary
Derek Carr – Going against the ? mark that is the Giant’s 2ndary

All of the above are in great spots. Obviously, you can pair them with who you want.
I prefer WRs/TEs.

Eagles – Ertz/Jefferey/Agholor – Have you seen the Seahawks ball lately? Self explanatory. But, they’re hobbled. This should be a 3 quarter game for Eagles starters. So keep that in mind. On the flip, it could be a full blown shootout. HAVE EXPOSURE. Naked Wentz or Wilson might be my favorite CHALK QB play.

Seahawks – Baldwin/Lockett/Richardson/JG – Tasty spot for these fellas. Eagles 2ndary is meh. Let’s keep it real, shall we? Wilson should be able to shake loose and snag a rushing TD or 2 also.

Raiders – Cook/Patterson/Roberts – My thought process SCREAMS the Raiders should be chalk. But, they won’t be due to Cab and Cooper being out. Cook is Carr’s 3rd favorite target. Patt and Rob, are gonna eat. Period. PLUS … don’t forget that the Giants moved Jenkins to the IR this week along with BENCHING ELI MANNING…Go fucking figure.


Alfred Morris – REVENGE GAME against Washington’s busted up Rush D (Risky due to the questionable health of my Cowboys O-Line. But, could work out).

Jordan Howard – Going against wide open 9ers Rush D (Should be compleeeete domination as far as Howard goes. Not the best O-Line but the 9ers couldn’t stop march of pissed off toddlers if they wanted too lol.

Latavius Murray – Going against the meh Falcons Rush D (Not my favorite back by a long shot, but dude will see the endzone.His usage will be high, to bust up the Falcons to open up the pass game, ESPECIALLY in the redzone).

All these bruiser’s are in fantastic spots. Safe options for cash or GPP. People will be over thinking yet again!. Not me…I go where the O-Line will feast on the opposing D-Line. Which leads me to …

Football 101 ladies and gents. No O-Line … No run game. No O-Line … No QB protection.No O-Line … No time for the QB to create and make the WRs look good.


if you don’t want to eat that chalk…
Chargers vs Browns or Oakland vs the Giants


Welcome to the back alley…Welcome to the tar pits…Welcome to the crime scene…

Let’s get into my picks for a little #CriminalOwnership !!

Blake Bortles – Against a flaming dumpster Colts 2ndary
Mitch Trubisky – Opposite of the 9ers, who are shitty McShitsville in the 2ndary area lol. Think this might be a game where he goes offfffffff.
Now let’s go kill this fucking slate!!

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I’m Out!

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