Off The Cuff – Week 12 – #FootBall101

Week 11 was wild but profitable!

The @FanCaveDFS team had a decent week. Everybody cashed in all formats and the cheat sheets were poppin’! We’re looking to keep this momentum up!
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This week I’m switching it up a little bit! As a writer, I always want to make sure YOU, the reader,  can consume the content easily and without any kind of bullshit strain. So I got in the lab and came up with this.

Week 12 … Let’s go!


  • QB – The leader and captain of the O.
  • RB – The workhorse
  • WR – The flash and bang of the O

Without a solid O-Line, your QB is at risk, your RB can not create and your WR can only be passed to if the QB has time to throw to them. It DOES NOT matter if the isolated WR has a good match up in a game if the QB is not given time by the O-Line to pass to said receivers.

This is where DFS bullshits you. They show you a number, “such and such is ranked 22nd against the pass”. Ok…SO THE FUCK WHAT! If the O-Line and the BLIND SIDE in particular, collapse and limit the QB’s time to think and create, it makes every WR irrelevant .

If the O-Line can not push around the opposing D-Line and block, the RB suffers as well. RBs read for pockets. Spaces that they can run through or run behind an O-Lineman through. IT’S RARE for a RB to be able to create without a line. How rare? Barry Sanders rare. He famously had NO LINE and still became one of the GOATs. All the rest of the greats, Emmitt, Dickerson, Walter, Faulk, to name a few, all had good O-Lines.

If the O-Line is weak….That means the D-Line will feast. Cause forces, sacks fumbles and takeaways. So…when you pick your O players for your lines…READ THIS.

For defense… It is the absolute same thing. Size up the O-Line in front on you. If that O-Line is weak, this bumps up your defense. If you have a solid LB core and SIGNAL CALLER, against a weak O-line, this bumps up your D. If your corners are faster and taller than the opposing WRs, this bumps up your D. If your safeties are faster than the WRs and deliver THE BOOM, this bumps up your D.

If all those areas on D are shitty, you PICK ON THEM. Short and slower corners? Use taller and FASTER receivers. Slow and short LBs? Use slot receivers. If the over top help is garbage, that mean the long ball is in play.

Kickers are tasters choice, so have fun lol.

It’s time for y’all to really learn and play FOOTBALL in DFS. It will help you 10 fold! That’s what #FanCaveOTC / Off The Cuff is all about. FUCK THE NUMBERS. LET’S PLAY SOME MUTHA FUCKIN’ FOOTBALL!

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I’m Out!

Loyalty is rewarded. Here’s your cheat sheets!

Fan Cave OTC Cheat Sheet 2

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