NBA Plays of the Day 11/22

Whew!!! Finally Tuesday is over! That was a rough day for all of us degenerates as there was only a single game of NBA on the schedule…….. But fear not! Now there is a huge 14 game slate for today and we have a lot of juicy options to talk through! Lets dive in and see where the stats take us!

Lineup Construction for 11/22

Tonight is going to be interesting (line up construction wise). To be or not to be is the question… I guess what I mean by that is have a stud filled line up or a fairly balanced one. I think the winning way to go is have at least one of the studs (out of the many on the slate) in your lineup. It is interesting to see who the chalk will be but you can get away with some of them being chalky and having them in your lines, because they are in pristine spots. Take the Cleveland vs Brooklyn game for example. Lebron James (aka King James) will be on the court vs a poor defense and fast paced team. Also take Giannis Antetokounmpo (aka ABC, The Greek Freak, The Freak) he is also facing a very poor defense that is fast paced as well. ABC and King James are the most expensive players on both DK and FD. But it is imperative to have at least one of them in your lineups today. I will dig deeper into why them a little later on.


The first point guard that catches my attention on the list today that @kingzito973 would like to refer to as “off the cuff” is Spencer Dinwiddie (BKN-PG) FD $7,600/DK $6,300. Spencer is now the starting point guard as Jeremy Lin was hurt very early in the season and now DeAngelo Russell is out with a knee injury. This opens up the door for Dinwiddie. As mentioned earlier the Brooklyn Nets are a fast paced basketball team… Not only are they fast paced but they are the fasted paced in the league. Since Russell went out 3 games ago Dinwiddie is averaging 40 fantasy points a game (34.1, 49, 39.4) He has been getting unreal peripheral stats, 10 rebounds and 27 assists in the 3 game span as well. He is firing on all cylinders right now and with doing so he is on track for a big game vs the Cavaliers who have not been the greatest guarding opposing point guards. They are 17th DvP (defense vs position) in the league and that’s a little worse than average. Mix that with his usage now that Russell is out and the pace of his team and you have an equation that equals greatness! Russell had a usage of 34.1% on the floor, that usage has to go somewhere and Dinwiddie profits the most from it.

The next guy to get my attention is in a similar spot as Dinwiddie but he is even cheaper and in a better match-up, Mario Chalmers (MEM-PG) FD $5,600/DK $5,000. Mike Conley is out with a sore Achilles and will be out for a few weeks. With that said Chalmers is now the starting PG and hes been fitting into his starting role very nicely. Coming off of his best game of the season 21/6/6 and one steal for 40.2 fantasy points on FD he is rolling into a game where he should see plenty of points building up vs the Dallas Mavericks. This season the Mavs are allowing over 49 fantasy points on FanDuel to opposing point guards. that is 3rd worst in the league. Chalmers is not a huge real point scorer as he has only had double digit points in 6 games this season. But, he will also get you rebounds, assists, and steals WITH a full workload now that he is a starter. His minutes have and will be increasing even more so in turn his usage will go up too. (that means more points for us!) Roster him while he is cheap because it wont be for long.


I mentioned some studs earlier and the one I’m about to bring up is not mentioned but should surely be considered on your lineups today. James Harden (HOU-SG) FD $11,600/DK $11,300 is seeing the most usage in the league right now at 36.2%. It will be going down a little bit with Chris Paul coming back off injury, but still this guy is UNREAL on the court. He is very talented. Not in the most prime match-up as Denver is very stingy vs opposing shooting guards, I still see Harden hitting value and having a great game. Averaging 31 real points a game and 9.9 assists a game he has those stats in his pocket as first in the entire league. There is nobody better than him at scoring more points or getting more rebounds per game in the whole NBA. Each team is on the faster side of the pace spectrum so I would assume this game to be high scoring (with many of the points coming from Harden)

Next on the list is Bradley Beal (WAS-SG) FD $7,700/DK $7,800. With his usage at 28.8% and facing the 2nd worst team vs opposing shooting guards I love his match-up. He is facing the Hornets who allow 54.6 fantasy points on FanDuel per game to shooting guards. That is A LOT of points to give up and it will be a lot of points to get for Beal in this game. He scores the 11th most real points per game in the NBA at 24.2. He has a solid team around him so all the attention won’t be on him which makes him sneaky to have a big game in my opinion.

Now if we want some studs we are going to have to have a few value players in our lineups. One of the value shooting guards who I love tonight is Austin Rivers (LAC-SG) FD $4,800/DK $5,100. He has been off on his shot the last 2 games only making 4 of 23 shot attempts, but the good thing is he is facing the 3rd worst team against the shooting guard position. One of the things that give Austin Rivers so much relevance especially at his price range is how many minutes he sees on the floor. He is seeing 32.5 minutes a game this season and at only around $5,000 he should be fine to hit value. Vegas is projecting this to be a close game with the o/u and 210 and LA favored by 3. Rivers is in the starting rotation right now and I see a big bounce back from these past 2 bad games for him.


Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL-SF) FD $12,200/DK 11,500 really needs no explanation here as he is one of the best players in the league. He is 2nd in the league on scoring at 29.9 real points per game, hes 11th in rebounds at 10.3 a game and he is 6th in usage with a 33.3% usage rating. If that’s not much of an intro for him mix it with him playing the Phoenix Suns who pretty much cant stop a small/power forward if they tried. Let alone one of the best in the league. Vegas has that game projected to score very high at 221 with MIL favored by 5 points. Giannis is averaging THE MOST fantasy points per game this season at 55.6 on FD and 55.4 on DK. Averaging that many points and facing the 2nd fastest paced team in the league is pretty much putting gas on a flame and watching the explosion. If this game stays close (which I fully believe it will) ABC is going to shoot a lot of lineups up the leader board.

This wouldn’t be an NBA fantasy article if I didn’t mention this next player, Lebron James (CLE-SF) FD $12,000/DK $11,400. He is facing the fastest paced team in the league and one that is not a good defending team by any means in the Brooklyn nets. With Kyrie going to the Celtics this season, Lebron is getting all the opportunities to score. He has just over a 29% usage and is scoring the 3rd highest points per game (28.3) and the 4th most assists per game (8.5). My only worry is this game doesn’t stay close but i think Brooklyn has the ability to keep it close and Lebron will see all his scoring opportunities early to rack up the points.

If you are looking to find a little more value at SF to pair with one if the studs you can find consistency in Taurean Prince (ATL-SF) FD $5,700/DK $5,000. He is seeing a ton of minutes at 32.1 minutes a game he is just a few points short (on his average) of scoring a point per minute this season. I love his consistency given his price and plus match-ups to hit value often.


Lauri Markkanen (CHI-PF) FD $6,200/DK $6,600 I know what you are thinking… What? He’s playing UTA.. Hear me out. the Jazz aren’t the stingiest of teams to power forwards and Markkanen knows very well how to rack up points. Coming off of back to back double doubles I see him pulling off the hat trick at 3 in a row. The Utah Jazz are allowing 48.8 fantasy points on FanDuel a game to opposing Power Forwards but allowing the 4th most at 53.5 in their last 10 games. Lauri is going to be very low owned because people won’t want to pay for him (even though hes not too high priced at all) and given his match-up vs a good defensive and slow paced team. But I see him hitting value easily and being a great part of your lineup if you choose to roster him.

Kyle Kuzma (LAL-PF) FD $6,500/DK $6,700 is a very solid player for the Lakers, they are playing old rivals in the Kings who are very poor at defending the PF position. Kuzma he’s been a star since he got the chance to start with Larry Nance Jr out with an injury. Kyle has hit double digits scoring in all but one game this season. The points will add up and with the Lakers being a very fast paced team he will have a lot of opportunities to touch the ball and get fantasy points.


If you have not noticed the trend yet I am helping lead you into building the proper lineup (construction wise) we have a few studs to choose from and a lot of value to choose from as well. I am strictly going to be playing value Centers in my lines tomorrow and Greg Monroe (PHO-C) FD/DK $4,600 is someone I’m interested in, there is a revenge narrative here as he used to play for MIL. Monroe was in a prime spot the other night and it was very disappointing to all who played him. He only scored 9.7 fantasy points. He did however bounce back with a solid game the next night with 10/6/4 and one steal vs CHI. I am all over the narrative here and  at only $4.600 on both sites He will easily crush value. My only worry is tyson chandler is most likely coming back this game and that gives PHO 3 centers to share time with. So watch for any news from beat writers on minutes if you can.

Dewayne Dedmon (ATL-C) FD $5,500/DK $5,300 is an option I like also tonight. He’s going to be toe to toe with the big man DeAndre Jordan, but the Clippers as a whole have been terrible at guarding bigs this season as they are giving up the 28th most fantasy points in the league so far. Dedmon has been a little up and down lately but, only 3 games ago he almost put up 60 Fantasy points and that was only with 23 minutes of being on the floor.with that game fresh on his mind and a plus matchup.  I see his ownership being very low tonight and the upside it’s definitely there.

The big guy I like most that really is the only option at his position for his team right now is Thon Maker (MIL-C) FD $3,400/DK $3,300. He is dirt cheap and in a great spot. As I mentioned MIL doesn’t really have any solid starting centers right now with injuries so looks like Maker is going to be getting all the minutes. PHO is 21st in DvP and so they don’t do very well in guarding the position. I see Maker getting at least 25 mins of run tonight and at only $3,300/$3,400 he should crush value.



If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to let us know! We are here and happy to help you all! Good luck tonight and lets make that  money!


FanCave COO – Justin Savage


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