NBA Core Four 11/20

Happy Monday everyone! We have a nice big 11 game slate to pick from today and some juicy match-ups so I’m going to dive right in.

Kemba Walker (PG) Min @ CHA FD $8,300/DK $7,900 (O/U 214 CHA favored by 2)

So we know how up and down Kemba can be… But in this spot he looks golden. Lets tart with a simple stat to look at. He is playing at home. This may seem unimportant but if you know much about Kemba you know he is much better playing at home. His averages there as opposed to away games are SIGNIFICANTLY better. He averages 36 mins at home vs only 33 on the road, 25.3 points at home vs 22 on the road, a .511 3 point percentage at home vs a .271 on the road. He even turns the ball over much less as well. So with that being said he looks to be a good play at home. But it gets even better!!! He is facing the Minnesota Timberwolves who is 24th worst DvP vs Point Guards on the season. Jeff Teague is the only thing in his way tonight and that’s not saying much at all… This is looking to be a good match up in pace, as Charlotte is 9th fastest pace and Minnesota is in the middle of the pack at 15th. The wolves are pretty good vs all other positions on the floor so I see most all of this game running through Kemba. He should get a lot of shot opportunities and a lot of points through assists too. Look his way tonight to be a solid component in your lineups.

Jimmy Butler (SF/SG) MIN @ CHA (O/U 214 CHA favored by 2)  FD $8,300/DK $7,500

Jimmy was some what off to a slow start this season. Not posting any big numbers much, but he looks to be fitting into his new role on a new team pretty well after the past few games. He is coming off of his first Double Double of the season and a stellar game of 25 points 10 rebounds 4 assists and a whopping 5 steals. I think he is going to carry that performance into tonight as Charlotte is the WORST team in the league at defending the SG position and 2nd worst in the league at defending the SF position. Jimmy seeing more than 36 minutes a game so his usage should be great tonight with all that time on the floor.

Rodney Hood (SG) UTA @ PHI FD (O/U 213 PHI favored by 6) FD $5,800/DK $5,600

Hood was expected to start Friday but ended up coming off the bench in a blow out win over Orlando Magic. Hood only played 26 minutes but scored 31 points had 5 rebounds and 2 assists during his time on the floor. One of the main reasons I love him tonight is he is facing the second worst team vs the SG position. Even if he is coming off the bench he will have plenty of chances to get points with his time on the floor. I think Quin Snyder is liking hood more and more lately so I believe he is going to have more than enough opportunities to get to value and even crush it tonight. Averaging almost 30 mins a game he surprisingly has been doing better on the road than at home. He is averaging 22 points on the road and only 14 at home he also has a higher FG% on the road too. I am playing him all over the place on both sites and suggest you do the same.

LaMarcus Aldridge (PF) ATL @ SA (O/U 202 SA favored by 9) FD $8,600/DK $8,200

With Kawhi Leonard of the floor LaMarcus has been a usage monster for the team. He has been very very consistent. Averaging 33 minutes a game at home this game should be all in his hands. ATL is the second worst team in the league vs the PF position and with the main ball handler on the team being the PF they are going to have a hard time stopping him. They don’t have the man power let alone the skill to stop a player like LaMarcus. He is just too skilled. He is averaging 40 Fantasy points per game so far this season but in a plus match-up like this I see him easily reaching 50. He has a lot of rookies he is working with but they have settled into to their roles well so far this season. especially with feeding Aldridge the ball when hes close to the rim. you know what that means? Points on points on points!

Well, Lets make that money tonight everyone. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Follow me on twitter @justasav or tweet @FanCaveDFS and we will be happy to help.

This is Justin Savage signing off and wish you all the luck tonight!

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