What’s hattnin captain’s?
It’s your man Johhny Espizito, here to clue you in on my exclusive Week 12 NFL #CriminalOwnership plays. You know the shit, if you’re like me, you play A LOT of GPP’s and #CriminalOwnership gives you an edge to taking down big money! It’s a separator. The less people playing a certain player that goes off, the better.

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Enough yappin, let’s get into it.

Josh McCown
Screenshot 2017 11 20 14 07 37 1

Dude has been friggin sensational this season. I personally see holes in the Panthers Defense that he can exploit. One thing he does well in my opinion, is read. I HIGHLY doubt that anybody will be on him because of the “NUMBERS”. I say FUCK THAT. I will have  McCown , Anderson and ASJ ready to roll this week. *DIsclaimer* – This is VERY risky.

Blake Bortles
Screenshot 2017 11 20 14 07 53 1

I called it in week 11. Fournette did his job and opened it up for my guy Bortles. Yea, it wasn’t a stellar performance, but he put up decent numbers. This week, he’s got the Cardinals. We all know they are a shell of themselves. I think this spot is perfect for Blake and company! Ownership will be low because noooooobody trusts Blake or his receivers. SIGN ME UP!

Jacoby Brissett
Screenshot 2017 11 20 14 09 32 1 1

Look Bryce…You team made it to the list! Coming off of a bye, the he should be out of concussion protcol and ready to ball. The Titans are horrible against the pass in my opinion. This game feels like a T.Y. masterpiece. So hopefully, that Colts O-Line will buy the young bull some time! Folks will be on Mariota over Jacoby so look for some suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper #CriminalOwnership.

Annnnnnnd Batting Clean Up AGAIN for #CriminalOwnership

Mitchell Trubisky
Screenshot 2017 11 20 14 08 13 1

Yet another call of mine from week 11. He did good in his spot. Not as many yard as I hoped for, but the ownership was crazy low, and helped me cash! He has the white hot Eagles this week. Hot take alert….THE BEARS WILL BEAT THE EAGLES! They are terrrrrible against the pass. Plus they have good speed upside vs the Eagles corners. I think he’ll come in .4 % owned! And you can’t get much more criminal than that!!

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