#CriminalOwnership – NFL Week 11


What’s hattnin captain’s?
It’s your man Johhny Espizito, here to clue you in on my exclusive Week 11 NFL #CriminalOwnership plays. You know the shit, if you’re like me, you play A LOT of GPP’s and #CriminalOwnership gives you an edge to taking down big money! It’s a separator. The less people playing a certain player that goes off, the better.

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Enough yappin, let’s get into it.


Blake Bortles
Screenshot 2017 11 17 16 24 31 1

The homie is returning to form! Yes … I am a Bortles truther lol. Yea yea yea, He’s played like shit. I know. BUT, he stands to carve up the Browns this week. I respect the Browns 2ndary. They just aren’t there yet. They will be though. I think Blake will come in around 5.6% owned, and put up 25 FDP’s. The key is nailing they play. Play him “naked” or by himself, or stack the Jags. Me personally. I’ll have one in a gpp. Hurns is out, so look at Lee and company. ALL CRIMINAL.

Cooper Kupp
Screenshot 2017 11 17 16 28 40 1

For real though… Why in the blue hell do people stay away from him?!? Oh…because of Sammy Watkins being “back and Mr. Woods going ape shit last week. Kool. This week, match up wise, I’m all in on Kupp. Watkins and Woods will eat up all the attention. He should be free. I think he’ll come in looooooooow. Maybe 4.6% owned or so.

Alex Collins
Screenshot 2017 11 17 16 25 18 1

NO…NO….NO….NO KISS MY ASS WITH ALL THAT, “HE’S TRASH” SHIT. NO….NO and NO! Ya ass should have have him in a GPP. Dude jumps off the screen when I look at him run. Love the match up this week as well. I think he’ll come in at a whopping 1% lmao.

ANNNNNND Batting Clean Up for #CriminalOwnership

Mitchell Trubisky
Screenshot 2017 11 17 16 24 13 1

On a slate with STUD QB’s, folks want guarantee’s. I get it. Go ahead, go get Wentz, Dak, Ryan, Brees…WHOEVER. But me? I’ll have exposure to Mitchy boy. Lions are awful…awful…awful against the pass. He’ll come in at 0% lmao. AND YOU CAN’T MORE CRIMINAL THAN THAT MUTHA FUCKA!

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