NBA Plays of the Day – 11/9

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.
  3. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s names.
  • Point Guard

Russell Westbrook – 20/10/9 [ $10,500 / $10,200 ] Just like last season, Russell Westbrook is hovering around that triple double average and has recorded 4 already. Tonight, Westbrook gets the Nuggets, who rank 18th in defense, and with the Thunder’s recent blunders, this game could reamain close and help him reach value.

John Wall – 20/10/3 [ $10,000 / $9,500 ] John Wall has been what we all expected, a double double ready kinda guy that runs circles around the opposing team. Last game against the Lakers, Wall talked a lot more than he did, though he did have a nice outing, and things could escalate once again, tonight.

TJ McConnell – 6/5/3 [ $5,400 / $5,000 ] With Jerryd Bayless out again, TJ McConnell remains in play against the Kings and when he gets minutes, he gives production. While George Hill is a solid defender, McConnell’s value lies primarily in his array of his stats more so than his scoring, making him a nice, cheap play.

  • Shooting Guard

James Harden – 29/9/4 [ $11,200 / $10,700 ] James Harden has been great all year, but hasn’t looked like the triple double machine he was last season, however, last game was quite the outing. Harden has the capability to light it up every time he steps on the court and against an awful defense in Cleveland, this may be one of those games.

Bradley Beal – 25/3/4 [ $8,100 / $7,800 ] Bradley Beal has been on fire lately, lighting it up from all over and scoring in a hurry – accumulating an impressive 254 points, already. Though his individual matchup with KCP is a tough one, when Beal gets going there’s not much the opposing team can do to slow him down.

Iman Shumpert – 6/3 [ $3,000 / $3,600 ] With the lingering ankle injury to Derrick Rose keeping him out tonight, Iman Shumpert will be inserted into the starting lineup. In a fast pace game like this, if given quality minutes, Shumpert could easily hit 5X value, providing you plenty of salary to target elsewhere in your lineups.

  • Small Forward

LeBron James – 28/9/7 [ $11,800 / $10,800 ] LeBron James has been an absolute beast this season and even more so over his last 4 matches, putting up some insane numbers, with efficiency. With an over-under of 228.5, this game is expected to be competitive and if so, James could easily crush just about anyone Houston puts in front of him.

Robert Covington – 15/1/5 [ $6,400 / $5,500 ] Robert Covington has played well this season, all the while staying under the radar, when compared to some of his other teammates. Covington is very much so one of the league’s most complete players, both offensively and defensively, and Sacramento ranks 21st in the league on the defensive end.

Kelly Oubre Jr. – 11/5 [ $4,000 / $4,600 ] Though no longer in a starting role, Kelly Oubre Jr. has remained effect off the bench and made the most of his playing minutes. This game has blowout potential written all over it and if that is the case, Oubre could see extended run and become a focal point, offensively.

  • Power Forward 

Ben Simmons – 17/8/10 [ $9,900 / $9,000 ] With all the hype around many of the rookies, himself included, Ben Simmons has put up a couple triple doubles and thrived at the NBA level. Simmons has demonstrated a LeBron-esque play style, achieving stat stuffed lines, and making those around him better, overall.

Otto Porter Jr. – 17/1/6 [ $6,700 / $6,700 ] Otto Porter Jr. has started off the season hot and really been a key piece to the Wizards recent success, even as the third option. Though the Lakers place within the top 5 teams defensively, with a 100.9 defense rating, the way to beat them is down low, à la Porter, as he can spread the floor and attack the rim.

Ryan Anderson – 12/5 [ $4,300 / $4,400 ] Ryan Anderson has been decently productive, given his minutes per game, but when he is shooting well, everything else just seems to fall in place. As mentioned above, the total implied score for this game is pretty high and with high scores, you need scorers, as to which Anderson fulfills at cheap.

  • Center

Joel Embiid – 20/10/1 [ $9,600 / $8,000 ] Joel Embiid has everyone, but the other teams wanting more, as he has dominated in the short time he been on the court over his career. I fully expect Embiid to bully just about any big that the Kings throw at him and to add the icing onto the cake, Sacramento ranks last in defensive rebounding, with 31.2 per game.

Brook Lopez – 15/4/1 [ $6,900 / $6,100 ] Sans last night’s game against Boston, Brook Lopez has really turned things around and looked like the version of himself that we’re accustomed to seeing. Similarly to the opposition’s subtle advantage, LA has the ability to attack Washington from the inside out, starting with Lopez and his expanded game.

Clint Capela – 12/10/1 [ $6,800 / $6,400 ] Clint Capela, despite not playing a ton of minutes this season, has given the Rockets great production per minute this season. If all goes well, Capela could very well play 30+ minutes this game and with time, his production increases, making him a solid play against a bad defense.

Extras: DeRozan, Gordon, George, Davis, Love.

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