NBA Plays of the Day – 11/5

  1. Plays are based on stats, opposition, and pricing.
  2. FanDuel and DraftKings prices listed respectively.
  3. Averaged 17-18 Season stats after player’s names.
  • Point Guard

Russell Westbrook – 19/11/9 [ $10,400 / $10,600 ] Russell Westbrook has been consistent with his stat stuffing numbers, just like last season, but with much less pressure now. In a matchup with Lillard tonight, who isn’t known much for his defense, Westbrook should easily be able to exploit him, for a high caliber player such as himself.

Kyrie Irving – 22/5/3 [ $8,400 / $8,500 ] Over the last 5 games, Kyrie Irving has managed to put up a minimum of 40.5fdp (FanDuel Points) along with 22+ppg. Tonight, Irving gets the backup to the backup, Shelvin Mack, with Elfrid Payton and DJ Augustine out yet again.

Kemba Walker – 23/5/3 [ $7,800 / $7,300 ] Away, Kemba Walker [overall] seems to be far less consistent and just a clunkier player as a whole, as evidenced by his home and away splits. His matchup, Jeff Teague, is one that still favors Walker and with key players out, he could thrive against the defensively lacking Wolves.

Darren Collison – 12/7/3 [ $5,600 / $6,200 ] Darren Collison has strung together a nice start to the season, despite 2 of his last 3 games being rather disappointing. The Knicks have flip flopped several times already this season on their point guards and with Jarret Jack in, Collison could have his way, tonight.

  • Shooting Guard

Victor Oladipo – 24/3/4 [ $7,500 / $8,200 ] Victor Oladipo appears to be an early front runner for Most Improved Player with several sensational games so far. Oladipo’s recent success has garnered much attention, as his shooting has been excellent this season, with a 49% three ball and 50% from the field.

Jeremy Lamb – 18/3/5 [ $6,400 / $6,000 ] With Batum and Kidd-Gilchrist’s outings, Jeremy Lamb has been the primary beneficiary and taken advantage of his opportunities. Lamb gets a nice matchup against Wiggins, who seems to be lost at times defensively, but may see Jimmy Butler at times as well.

Tyreke Evans – 16/2/5 [ $6,100 / $5,800 ] Similarly to Irving, though on a much different level, Tyreke Evans has been filling in nicely for the Grizzlies and with much consistency. Evans may very well have the best scenario out of any other shooting guard tonight, coming off the bench against the Lakers; it doesn’t get much better.

Donovan Mitchell – 13/2/2 [ $5,500 / $3,800 ] Donovan Mitchell is starting to get used to the NBA flow, with 3 of his last 4 matches scoring 22+ppg and playing a lot more. Mitchell gets a matchup against an uptick team in Houston which should play in his favor, especially with the defenders he’ll see and his recent increased usage.

  • Small Forward

Paul George – 20/2/5 [ $7,700 / $7,200 ] Paul George has been a bit sporadic to start the season, but that was to be somewhat expected with the company he’s been in with the Thunder. This game should have a pretty good pace to it, with 2 teams who love to score and let me know if I’m wrong, but who on Portland can stop George?

Joe Ingles – 10/3/4 [ $5,500 / $5,000 ] Similarly to his teammate, Mitchell, Joe Ingles gets a nice matchup against the Rockets and if his shot is falling it could be a long night for Houston. Ingles has emerged as a weapon for Utah, with Hayward now in Boston and though he hasn’t been scoring as much, his overall game has developed greatly.

Jaylen Brown – 15/6 [ $5,400 / $5,800 ] Jaylen Brown has stepped up big time with the absence of Gordon Hayward and his last 3 games have been encouraging to see after a rough game in Miami. Brown gets Orlando, where he should see Terrence Ross who is solely known for his scoring, paving way to another good game.

Kyle Anderson – 8/2/7 [ $5,000 / $4,300 ] Kyle Anderson has had a decent start to the season, but has really lacked consistency, despite his minutes. This game against Phoenix offers Anderson a fast pace, similar to Golden State who he put up 38.4fdp against earlier, making him an excellent play with a cheap price.

  • Power Forward

Kristaps Porzingis – 29/7/1 [ $9,700 / $9,300 ] Kristaps Porzingis against a team in Indiana is who is undersided as compared to the 7’3″ beast that he is, makes for a quite appealing play. Porzingis looks like a MVP caliber player to start the season and while his entire arsenal has developed, his scoring reamains constant – with only 2 games under 30 points.

LaMarcus Aldridge – 22/8/1 [ $8,000 / $8,300 ] With Kawhi Leonard still out, the usage and responsibility for LaMarcus Aldridge is comparable to his Portland days. In a game against the Suns, the game plan will be no different, as Phoenix struggles heavily on all fronts and Aldridge offers great rates of production.

Aaron Gordon – 19/8 [ $7,700 / $7,100 ] Aaron Gordon has developed an outside game, with consistency, which is quite scary when matched with his extraordinary athletic ability. The Celtics have moved Baynes to the bench tonight, making Gordon an even more appealing playing with the likes of Horford and Morris, who is coming off an injury.

Taj Gibson – 8/6 [ $4,700 / $4,200 ] Taj Gibson has given Minnesota great minutes this year and while solidifying their post defense, he has also been quite productive offensively. Gibson gets a nice matchup against Charlotte and while Howard is a brick wall, he’ll likely be glued to KAT, leaving Williams to fend for himself.

  • Center

Rudy Gobert – 14/10/2 [ $8,500 / $7,600 ] Rudy Gobert flashed his ceiling in a game against Dallas earlier this year and while he hasn’t had another game like that, he has played well. Gobert gets Clint Capela tonight, who has shown his defensive abilities, but also can be a liability down low and tonight’s matchup isn’t pretty.

Myles Turner – 16/11/3 [ $8,400 / $7,000 ] The New York Knicks just flat out struggle against the opposing big men and Myles Turner is in perfect position to continue that trend. With Enes Kanter and Porzingis on him, Turner should be able to produce at a high level, despite recently returning from a concussion.

Dwight Howard – 14/14/1 [ $7,600 / $6,800 ] Dwight Howard may have his best matchup to date as a member of the Hornets, in a game versus KAT and Minnesota. Howard looks rejuvenated and his game has been promising, with consistency and depth at a steady pace in all games.

Nikola Vucevic – 18/7/1 [ $7,100 / $7,000 ] Nikola Vucevic has played very well at times this season and has showed the potential to amass 50+fdp, easily. His matchup, like Gordon, is a beauty, as Baynes has moved to back to the bench and Horford not being the savviest defender out there.

Extras: Mack, Beal, Bogdanovic, Davis, Gasol.

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